Kick off for Bluegrass Showjumping League at Portmore

LEFT: Bluegrass Horse Feeds Winter League Bluegrass Cool N Condition Cubes 60cm Class. (FW42-539NN)

BLUEGRASS Showjumping League at Portmore Equestrian Centre kicked off at the weekend with a great turnout for all levels, starting with the Nice and Easy Cubes X Pole class for the young riders of the future and also from 70cm Stamm 30 class on seeing lots of lovely young horses being produced. All double clears of the day received a voucher from Bluegrass.

The league will run for five weeks and to qualify for the prizes in the final you must compete at three out of the five legs. The next leg is taking place this weekend, Saturday 20th, in the Bluegrass outdoor arena and SJI Horse will be in the Bluegrass indoor arena with the Autumn Pony Tour final taking place on Sunday 21st .

ABOVE: Bluegrass Horse Feeds Winter League Bluegrass Horse and Pony Mix 50cm Class. (FW42-538NN)

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Bluegrass Showjumping League Week 1

Nice and Easy Cubes Xpoles double clear – Sofia Suarez, Emma; Ross Will, Ben; James Donnelly, Wendy Woo; Ross Magill, Sugar.

Horse and Pony Mix 50cm, double clear – Misha Lennon Tango; Lee Sloan, Molly; Serena Brown, Boom; Ross Magill, Sugar; Mathew Devlin, Sugar; Luke Devlin, May; Rebecca Devlin, Sugar; Imogen Ellis, Sugar.

Cool N Condition Cubes 60cm, double clear – Courtney Sloan Poppy; Lee Sloan, Molly; Mathew Devlin, Sugar; Mathew Devlin, May; Luke Devlin, May; Rebecca Devlin, Sugar; Misha Lennon, Tango.

Stamm 30 70cm – Valentine, Milo; Dermott Lennon, Delila; Holly Fitzpatrick, Pheonix; Alice Grant, TT.

Turmash 80cm – Sarah McLean, Lux Flirtation; Alice Grant TT; Nathan O’Neill, Pagan.

Flax Plus 90cm – Sarah McLean, Lux Flirtation; Emma Blair, Hijinx; Dremott Lennon, Al; Fiona Roche, Oscar; Carly Breyden, Milly.

ABOVE: Bluegrass Horse Feeds Winter League Bluegrass Nice & Easy Cubes XPoles. (FW42-537NN)

Hi Preformance 1.10m – Abbey Carlisle, Monkey; Lousie Houston, Marko.


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