Kiddies’ Fun Night goes down a treat at Mossvale

Mossvale Kids Fun Night BR Farm
PLACED: Lilly Hollinger on ‘Fanta’ came fifth in the cross-poles class at the Mossvale Kiddies’ Fun Night. (FW10-508NN)

ON Tuesday, February 19, Mossvale Riding Club had a Kiddies’ Half-Term Fun Night, which was a great success. Organisers hope that everyone had fun with the jumping and games – there were bound to be some tired kids afterwards!

Thanks go to Barbara McMurray for organising and to Scallywaggs, Jumpbox and Global Adventure for the prizes for first place in each class.

DOUBLE: Molly O’Connor on ‘Glider’ did the double, winning both the 50cm and 60cm classes at the Mossvale Kiddies’ Fun Night. (FW10-507NN)

Thanks also to everyone who helped on the night, it was a great night’s fun.


Tuesday, February 19

Kiddies’ Half-Term fun night

Cross-poles Five years and under: 1) Alice Steele, Rosie; 2) Jack Sinclair, Ginger; 3) Hunter Simington, Optimus Prime; 4) Zach Bradley, Patch.

Cross-poles: 1) Robyn McMurray, Royanna; 2) Emma Baird, Pinky; 3) Imogen Hillis, Teddy; 4) Ross Magill, Sugar; 5) Lilly Hollinger, Fanta; 6) Poppy McElduff, Magic Merrylegs.

40cm: 1) Kodi Clarke, Wee Joe; 2) Shannon Cairns, Pria; 3) Amelia Wheeler, Paddington; 4)Alice Steele, Rosie; 5) Ross Magill, Sugar; 6) Imogen Hillis, Teddy.

50cm: 1) Molly O’Connor, Glider; 2) Ruby Kinkaid, Pepsi; 3) Kodi Clarke, Teddy; 4) Charlotte Nelson, Bonnie; 5) Misha Lennon, Tango; 6) Amelia Wheeler, Paddington.

IN THE RIBBONS: Sophie Sloan on ‘Lady Bella’ came third in the 60cm class at the Mossvale Kiddies’ Fun Night. (FW10-506NN)

60cm: 1) Molly O’Connor, Glider; 2) Charlotte Nelson, Bonnie; 3) Sophie Sloan, Lady Bella; 4) Hannah Orr, Humbug.


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