Killinicks claim victory in RDS Hunt Chase

RDS Hunt Chase BR Farm
ACTION: One of the competitors in action during the Hunt Chase at the RDS. (FW33-588NN)

EIGHT teams from across Ireland had worked hard to qualify for the presitigious Hunt Chase at Dublin Horse Show. Always a fitting conclusion for the show, crowds of spectators surrounded the main arena to cheer on the hunt members as they raced round the relay course.

In the first round, the Killinick Harriers took on the Scar Hunt, with the former going through; the Longford Harriers competed against the Donegal Harriers, with the latter taking the win. The Fingal Harriers faced the Louth Foxhounds, with the Louths winning the heat; the Wexford Hunt were up against the Ward Union Staghounds, with the Wexfords going through.

WINNING TEAM: The Killinick Harriers were the winning team in the Hunt Chase at the RDS. (FW33-587NN)

In the second round, the Killinicks took on the Donegals, with the Killinicks claiming the win. The Louths faced the Wexfords, with the Wexfords going through.

After some thrilling rounds of jumping, the scene was set for an exciting final and that it certainly was! The Killinicks and the Wexfords both tried their hearts out, and were very evenly matched, but in the end, the Killinicks secured victory.

Very well done to all those who took part – it was a great end to another great show!


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