Knockagh View hosts Hallowe’en Spook-tacular

Knockagh Hallowe'en BR Farm
DARK KNIGHT: Amber Hopkins looking great as the dark knight in the Fancy Dress class at Knockagh View’s Hallowe’en Show. (FW46-550NN)

A week behind schedule due to the awful weather conditions, Knockagh View (Greenisland) held their Hallowe’en Show on Saturday, November 7 and this time the weather was on side. Competitors jumped a lovely flowing course under the expert eye of Paul Johnston.

It was lovely to see so many little ones out jumping and there was a great display of outfits in the fancy dress, giving Paul a very difficult decision.

CUTE: Maya Gillespie with ‘Stelly’ jumped clear in the 30cm class at Knockagh View’s Hallowe’en Show. (FW46-549NN)

Knockagh View is holding another Show Jumping day on Sunday, November 22, with classes from 30cm to 1.10m, entries are open on the App. The Christmas Show will incorporate fancy dress again and is scheduled for Monday, December 28.


Saturday, November 7

Hallowe’en Show

30cm clears: Amelia Logan, Bart (g); Khloe Busby, Dun n Gold (g); Jaden Farren, Millie (m); Alice Jones, Jamie (g); Maya Gillespie, Stelly (g); Lizzy Taylor, Johnny (g); Paige Erwin, Henry (g); CJ O’Brien, Monkey (g); Ana Goodrich, Heather (m); Ross Will, Ben (s); Abbie Gibson, Fuzzy Bear (g); Courtney Wilson, Dash (g).

50cm clears: Hannah Kernohan, Wizard Of Oz (g); Alice Jones, Jamie (g); Caitlyn Wells, Blossom (m); Kelly Kidd, Lola (m); Paige Erwin, Bobo (g); CJ O’Brien, Candypops (m); Ross Will, Ben (g).

Fancy Dress: 1) Sommer Garrett, Honey (m); 2) Jaden Farren, Millie (m); 3) Maisie Wallace, Blondie (m); 4) Abbie Gibson, Fuzzy Bear (g); 5) Ross Will, Ben (g); 6) Callum McLean, Mac (g).

60cm: 1) Cayleigh Erwin, Henry (g); 2) Tori Wells, Phoenix (m); 3) Amy-lee Hanvey, Arthur (g); 4) Abi Gardner, Buster (g).

70cm: 1) Rachael Hughes, Suzie (m); 2) Lucy Ingram, Mister Darcy (g); 3) Alanna Dunlop, Remember Me Ruby (m); 4) Ellie Armstrong, Blake (g); 5) Abi Gardner, Buster (g); 6) Amber Hopkins, Pebbles (m).

80cm: 1) Erin McClernon, Sundance III (g); 2) Lucy Ingram, Mister Darcy (g); 3) Rachel Hughes, Suzie (m); 4) Aldona Forbes, War Paint (g).

80cm Over 45s Special: 1) Miriam Wright, The Castletown Lad (g); 2) Debbie Cherry, Sophie (m).

90cm: 1) Carol-Anne Saunders, Encore (g); 2) Erin McClernon, Sundance III (g); 3) Jessica Kelly, Casper (s); 4) Stephanie Farren, Cindy (m).

1m: 1) Carol-Anne Saunders, Encore (g); 2) Anna Jackson, Woodchip (g); 3) Chloe Stewart, Kilcurry Libero’s Flight (m); 4) Jessica Kelly, Casper (g); 5) Caitlin Foster, Robbie (g).

1.10M: Anna Jackson and ‘Woodchip’ on their way to first place in the 1.10m class at Knockagh View’s Hallowe’en Show. (FW46-548NN) PICTURES

1.10m: 1) Anna Jackson, Woodchip (g); 2) Chloe Stewart, Kilcurry Libero’s Flight (m).


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