Kristie does the double at Knockagh

Knockagh SJ BR Farm
DOUBLE: Left, Kristie Wilson with ‘Twinkletoes’, who won both the 80cm and 90cm classes at Knockagh View. (FW48-544NN)

KNOCKAGH View held a Show jumping day on Sunday, November 25. There were some fabulous partnerships out strutting their stuff in the smaller classes and great jumping in the larger classes against the clock, with Kristie Wilson and ‘Twinkletoes’ winning both the 80cm and 90cm classes.

Knockagh View is holding a Christmas Show jumping day on Sunday, December 30, starting at 11am with classes from 30cm to 1m. There will be a prize for the best Christmas themed combination in each class – so get your tinsel at the ready! Mince pies and hot treats will be available in the cafe by the stove to keep everyone warm!


Sunday, November 25

40cm: Becky Woodside, Moorlands Summer Wind; Abi Gardner, Buster.

50cm: Cole Watson, Laid Back dude; Abi Gardner, Buster; Becky Woodside, Moorland Summer Wind; Ben Foster, Maisie.

60cm: 1) Eve Lindsay, Quincey.

70cm: 1) Eve Lindsay, Quincey; 2) Natasha Degnan, Mo; 3) Sasha Strange, Bert.

80cm: 1) Kristie Wilson, Twinkletoes; 2) Mya McCullough, Saphire; 3) Miriam Wright, The Castletown Lad; 4) Shannon Carruthers, Ratheen Sam; 5) Mya McCullough, Suzie; 6) Rachel Ferris, Ace.

90cm: 1) Kristie Wilson, Twinkletoes; 2) Steven Wilson, Smurf; 3) Mya McCullough, Suzie; 4) Amy Marshall, Northern Belle; 5) Tyler Houston, Percy; 6) Mya McCullough, Saphire.

1m: 1) Alison McClean, Shi; 2) Steven Wilson, Smurf.


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