Lady champion at the National Poultry Show

Ducks 12-12-19 SM Farm


Another busy day at the Slemish Hall with 780 birds entered along with a Regional for the Sussex Silkie and Rare clubs.

Judges for the day were Dessie Horner, Tom Boyd, Steven Johnston, Robert Dundee, Gareth Nicholson, Robert McKibben, Nick Smith and Kiera McGarry.

The show was kindly sponsored by Connon Agricultural Merchants, Ballymena.


Champion Furnace OEG Bantam Hen – Adams & McLaren;

Reserve Champion Light Sussex Pullet – Adams & McLaren;

Best SF Large Heavy Gold Brahma – Adams & McLaren;

Best SF Large Light Minorca Pullet – Andrew Beirne;

Best SF Bantam Heavy Light Sussex Pullet – Adams & McLaren;

Best SF Bantam Light Black Leghorn Pullet – Jimmy Corken;

Best True Bantam White Pekin Cock – Adams & McLaren;

Best Rare Chamois Thuringian – Adams & McLaren;

Best Utility Plymouth Rock – Adams & McLaren;

Best Trio Black Orpington Bantams – Dermot Gardiner;

Best Waterfowl Rouen – Adams & McLaren;

Best Goose Touloise Goose – Adams & McLaren;

Best Heavy Duck Rouen Duck – Adams & McLaren;

Best Light Duck White Runner Duck – Adams & McLaren;

Best Miniature Duck Black East Indian Duck – Roy Davison;

Best Call Duck White Call – Peter Hamill;

Best Hard Feather Furnace OEG Bantam Hen – Adams & McLaren;

Best Carlisle Blue Grey Pullet – J Blaney;

Best Oxford Henny – K Fleck;

Best OEG Bantam Furnace Hen – Adams & McLaren;

Best Modern Partridge Pullet – Adams & McLaren;

Best AOV HF – J Anderson;

Best Asian Ko Shamo – Andrew Beirne;

Champion Eggs – Tom Boyd;

Best Juvenile Ayan Cerami – C Reid.

Thanks to everyone who made the day a success. Looking forward to a new show next week in Armagh.


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