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Lao army turns to sheep farming

The army in the landlocked country of Lao has taken to sheep farming with the help of Mongolia.

A military battalion is responsible for the farming programme being carried out in the Xieng Khouang province.

According to the Laotian Times, the project is progressing well.

In 2018 the Mongolian government donated 1,050 animals to Lao.

Since then the soldiers in the northern province have been able to increase the number of sheep in their care by 195 to 1,245.

The flourishing flock has settled well into their surroundings, according to reports, with this region of Lao said to be well-suited for sheep farming.

Colonel Bounnam Bounnadee, Deputy Director of the Agriculture Division of the Lao army’s General Logistical Department, visited the project last month and declared himself happy with how the venture was developing.

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr Bounkhuang Khambounheuang, along with representatives of the Embassy of Mongolia to Laos, have also toured the set-up.

According to Lao People’s Army newspaper, Mongolian experts have been providing the soldiers with farming advice, including information on farm organisation, the correct feeding of the animals, and the necessary regular vaccinations needed,.

Laos, a communist state and one of the poorest in east Asia, has maintained almost 60 years of diplomatic relations with Mongolia.

Once a French colony, and involved in the Vietnam war, it wasn’t until the 1990s that Lao began to open up to the rest of the world.

With some 80 per cent of its population involved in agriculture, mostly the growing of rice, it has largely depended on foreign aid to survive.

However, it has plans to capture huge quantities of hydropower through utilising the Mekong River with the ambition of becoming the “battery” of southeast Asia.



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