Latest firing from The Apprentice as losing team confused by Second World War

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Riyonn Farsad has been fired from The Apprentice after his losing team failed to understand the dates of the Second World War.

The events manager has been part of the losing team five times and Lord Alan Sugar’s patience ran out after a disappointing display.

Farsad’s team were stumped by the starting date of the Second World War before they even began the latest task, which involved finding a pre-war copy of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.

The Apprentice 2019
Riyonn Farsad has been fired. (BBC)

Their subsequent hunt for items in Oxford and Cambridge did not fare well, paying over the odds in the discount buying task, and not securing all desired objects on the list.

Lord Sugar berated the team led by Jemelin Artigas, and her deputies Farsad and Ryan-Mark Parsons.

He said: “You were like headless chickens really. No strategy whatsoever.

“It clearly indicates you are poor negotiators.”

He told Farsad:  “Riyonn. You have lost five times, I think there’s a clue there somewhere.”

Lord Sugar also criticised Parsons, saying: “You, young man, you can talk until you’re blue in the face about ‘would have spoke up earlier’.

“A weathercock, that’s how I see you.

“Very eloquent, but I find you a little bit slippery.”

It was Farsad who was sent home after beginning the latest episode by saying “this isn’t a good start” when his team did not know the dates of the Second World War.  He suggested it lasted four years.

Teammate Pamela Laird said: “Does anybody know just so we can be really clear, what date the Second World War started. How long did it go on for?”

The contestants struggled over whether 1945 was the start or end date of the war, and tried to work out the timeline based on their parents’ ages.

An opposing team led by Marianne Rawlins did not face the same struggles, and managed to spend less in the task.

Lottie Lion made clear what the timeframe of the confusing conflict was before beginning the hunt for items.

Her team managed to secure more items and incurred less penalties, allowing them to win the challenge.

The Apprentice returns on November 6 on BBC One.


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