League final approaches at Lime Park

Lime Park league BR Farm
80CM: Abbie McMillan on ‘Bonnie’ and Sarah Curran on ‘Barney’, who jumped double clears in the 80cm class, pictured with Margaret McMillan at Lime Park. (FW48-546NN)

SUNDAY, November 25 saw the third show of Lime Park’s Annual Winter Horse and Pony Indoor Show Jumping League. There was a good turnout of riding school pupils having their first attempt at show jumping, along with liveries and visitors. The final is this Sunday, December 2, starting at 11am with beginners followed by 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 1m and 1.10m. Competitors must jump at three shows out of the four and the final on December 2 to qualify, although anyone may jump on the day.

Sponsors for the final include Stonebridge Horse Feeds, M McEvoy Bedding, Lime Park Tack Shop and Equestrian Centre, along with vouchers and loads more goodies. Everyone that has qualified will get something on the day!

50CM: Hannah Frater with ‘Coke’, Evie Marks and Lauren Hanna with ‘Honey’ were all double clear in the 50cm class. (FW48-545NN)

Any enquiries, phone Lime Park on 028 9262 1139 or message them on Facebook!


Sunday, November 25

Beginners: Lydia Marie Close, Millie May; Shelly Bodkin, Nibbles; Charlotte Lennon, Jenny; Lilly Fotta, Flash; Abbie Cairnduff, Poppy; Ellen Archer, Flash; Hannah Frater, Domino; Emma Lennon, Blossom; Lily Brown, Babe; Petra Acheson, Trixie; Bekki Fullerton, Coco; Lily Hollinger, Fanta; Beth Jackson, Dilly.

50cm: Aimee Brown, Buster; Rhyanna Dawson, Belle; Faye Freeburn, Poppy; Emma Lennon, Jenny; Hannah Frater, Coke; Petra Acheson, Trixie; Ellen Archer, Flash; Abbie Cairnduff, Poppy; Rachel Allenby, Herbie; Lauren Hanna, Honey; Abbie Bodkin, Bee; Evie Marks, Apachie; Becca Watson, Flint; Beth Jackson, Dilly.

60cm: Harry McMillan Showcase, Ellie McParland Ed & Jack, Jessica Fullerton Autumn, Ellie Whithorn Apachie, Maddie Whithorn Cookie, Angela Cartwright Clover Top, Lauren Hanna Honey, Nikita Crookshanks Coco, Leah Curran Faye, Kodie Clarke Carnmore Heidi, Shaw Welsh Belle, Becca Watson Flint.

70cm: Jess Vaughan, Sweetie; Emma Lennon, Jenny; Harry McMillan, Showcase; Alana Curran, Misty; Jessica Fullerton, Autumn.

80cm: Sarah Curran, Barney; Abbie McMillan, Bonnie.

90cm: Sarah Curran, Barney; Abbie McMillan, Bonnie.


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