League victory for Amelia and ‘Paddington’ at Hagans Croft

Hagans Croft dressage BR Farm
ELEMENTARY: Ellen McDonald and ‘Dante Alighieri’ on their way to winning the Elementary class at the dressage league final at Hagans Croft. (FW11-524NN)

HAGANS Croft’s Dressage League got off to a slow start with Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis, however, Saturday, March 7 ended the league on a high, with rosettes and prizes galore at the final. Horses and riders were turned out immaculately and some very accurate tests were ridden in front of judge Jacky Reid. The final was open to all competitors, although only those who had qualified were entitled to be placed within the league, therefore two separate prize givings took place.

Amelia Wheeler and Megan Houston dominated the Intro class throughout Hagans Croft’s league and it was all to play for on Saturday, with both competitors finishing on an overall league score of 30 points, however Amelia Wheeler and ‘Paddington’ placed first on the day and therefore tipped Megan and ‘Titch’ into second place within the league.

PRELIM LEAGUE: Antoinette Milligan and ‘Kings Appraisal’ won the Prelim league at Hagans Croft. (FW11-523NN)

Amelia was delighted to say the least with ‘Paddington’s’ performance over the past few weeks, as their journey together has been a slow and steady progression, proving that hard work does pay off and what a super partnership has blossomed! Megan is also super proud of ‘Titch’s’ performance over the dressage league and is now going to progress on to the show ring for the season ahead.

It was only Kaiti McCann’s second week competing at Hagans Croft’s dressage league, so they had just missed out on qualifying and what a shame, as this pair have showed super potential over the past two weeks and once again landed in the rosettes – this time it was first place in the Newcomers class and a red rosette. Robyn McMurray and ‘Royanna’ have been strong competitors throughout the league and there was really no stopping them from coming home with first place within the Newcomers league – well done!

On to the Prelim class, where Anna White and ‘Roo’ rode a beautiful British Dressage Prelim 7 test. The pair saluted to the highest score of the day – 73.5% – and deservedly took home a red rosette. The camaraderie between mother and daughter combination, Antoinette and Keva Milligan was great each week, but both competitors had their game faces on for the final week to see who would be placed first and second in the league. With scores very close, it was all to play for on the day…

Antoinette and ‘King’s Appraisal’ finished second on the day, which gave them 10 league points and Keva finished third on ‘Bannan Storyteller’, which gave them nine points towards the league points. Once the best three scores were totted up, Antoinette and ‘Kings Appraisal’ came out on top in first place and Keva with ‘Bannan Storyteller’ finished second overall. Great sportsmanship is shown between this pair, with lots of winding up and laughs along the way!

Within the Novice class, Jacky Reid had some hard decisions to make. On the day, it was Ellen McDonald who came out on top with a well earned score of 70.21% on ‘Greenfield Apache’. Kate McCracken on ‘Spirit’ weren’t far behind with a score of 68.33%. Kate and ‘Spirit’s’ second place on the day secured them the top spot within the league. The pair came home with a red league ribbon and a Hagans Croft Equestrian goodie bag.

Rachel Freil and ‘Alghan Nipper’ were delighted to receive second place in the league for their efforts throughout and, after missing the previous week’s dressage due to Storm Jorge, Olivia Courtney and ‘Moo’ were delighted to be back out competing and even more delighted to be receiving a third place rosette on the day and third within the league as well.

Ellen McDonald had a busy day, riding three tests in three different classes, however, she certainly ended on a high as she brought out her new horse ‘Dante Alighieri’ to ride the British Dressage Elementary 42 test. With a super extended trot across the diagonal, their score of 68.91% and first place was very well deserved. Just a fraction of a percentage behind, Kate McCracken and ‘Spirit’ finished in second place with 68.59%. However, Kate and ‘Spirit’ went on to win the Elementary League, coming home with the red league rosette and Hagans Croft Equestrian goodie bag!

Hagan’s Croft would like to extend a huge thank you to all the competitors who supported this event throughout the league. Thanks also go to the judges and scribes, David Patterson, Coreen Abernethy, Claire Sedgeman and Jacky Reid; and to all the stewards, who keep the league running so smoothly every week! Thank you to Black Horse Photography for covering the event throughout the five weeks – all photographs can be purchased from Black Horse Photography’s website.

Hagan’s Croft is now preparing to start their five-week Working Hunter league and NIF Qualifiers starting on Saturday, March 14. Hagans Croft also has a very special event coming up to celebrate the life of a dear friend and fellow competitor, Susie Thompson. Susie lived with cancer from the age of 17 to 21 and, during that time, continued to ride and successfully compete her horse ‘Dun Surprise’. This two-day event is being held on Saturday, April 18 and Sunday, April 19 with all proceeds raised going to ‘Friends of the Cancer Centre’ and ‘CLIC Sargent’. Please visit the website: www.haganscrofteqestrian.co.uk or facebook page for more details or contact Gillian on 07849 106453.


Saturday, March 7

Dressage League

Class 1 – Intro – The Pony Club, Walk & Trot Dressage Test, 2013: 1) Amelia Wheeler, Paddington 70.67%; 2) Erin Barlow, Creevelea Midnight Gambler 69%; 3) Megan Houston, Titch 68.67%; 4) Charlotte Moore, Flora 68.67%; 5) Margaret Green, Evee 68.67%; 6) Sarah Hanna, Cola 67.67%.

Class 2 – Newcomers – British Dressage Prelim 2, 2016: 1) Kaiti McCann, Ronaldo 69.14%; 2) Robyn McMurray, Royanna 68.79%; 3) Ebba Mowat, Robinson Cruiso 66.38%; 4) Suzanne Cochrane, Bob 65%; 5) Rebecca Fletcher, Sir Barnabus 64.83%; 6) Rosie McCormick, Indigo Rose 64.48%.

Class 3 – Prelim – British Dressage Prelim 7, 2002: 1) Anna White, Roo 73.5%; 2) Antoinette Milligan, King’s Appraisal 70%; 3) Keva Milligan, Bannan Storyteller 69.25%; 4) Jessica Nelson, Young Taipan 69%; 5) Ellen McDonald, Torreen Boy 6725%; 6) Rachel Freil, Alghan Nipper 66%.

Class 4 – Novice – British Dressage Novice 34, 2009: 1) Ellen McDonald, Greenfield Apache 70.21%; 2) Kate McCracken, Spirit 68.33%; 3) Olivia Courtney, Moo 68.33%; 4) Hazel Hilland, Lisbane Butterfly 66.25%; 5) Jessica Nelson, Young Taipan 66.25%; 6) Rachel Freil, Alghan Nipper 62.29%.

Class 5 – Elementary – British Dressage Elementary 42, 2008: 1) Ellen McDonald, Dante Alighieri 68.91%; 2) Kate McCracken, Spirit 68.59%.

Dressage League Results

Class 1 – Intro: 1) Amelia Wheeler, Paddington; 2) Megan Houston, Titch; 3) Erin Barlow, Creevelea Midnight Gambler; 4) Jill Bruce, Bonnie; 5) Charlotte Moore, Flora; 6) Margaret Green, Evee.

Class 2 – Newcomers: 1) Robyn McMurray, Royanna; 2) Erin Barlow, Extra Innings M2s; 3) Charlotte Moore, Flora; 4) Charlotte Douglas, Rielly; 5) Claire Killen, Dunluce Aoife.

Class 3 – Prelim: 1) Antoinette Milligan, King’s Appraisal; 2) Keva Milligan, Bannan Storyteller; 3) Rachel Freil, Alghan Nipper; 4) Erin Barlow, Drumillys Dan; 5) Harriett Hogan, Tilly; 6) Erin Barlow, Extra Innings M2s.

Class 4 – Novice: 1) Kate McCracken, Spirit; 2) Rachel Freil, Alghan Nipper; 3) Olivia Courtney, Moo.

HIGH SCORE: Anna White and ‘Roo’ won the Prelim class at the dressage final at Hagans Croft, where the pair were awarded the highest score of the day. (FW11-522NN)

Class 5 – Elementary: 1) Kate McCracken, Spirit.


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