Leaping into May at Connell Hill

Connell SJI BR Farm
CLEAR: Liam McGarry and ‘Javas Manhattan’ jumped clear in the 1m class at Connell Hill. (FW19-585NN) PICTURES: courtesy of Lyndon McKee Photography

THE popularity of Connell Hill and indeed Course Designer, Will Crean’s, courses was obvious on Saturday, when a host of competitors turned out for the first leg of the May SJI Horse League and what a fabulous day this was, as the weather was just what the doctor ordered – a delightful spring day. This in turn provided a super day’s jumping in all classes, thoroughly enjoyed by riders, horses and spectators alike.

The first results of the day were claimed in the 90cm class, which saw Deborah Allen from Ballymoney, who turned out very colour co-ordinated, amongst the double clear winners on her gelding ‘Lissan Pippa’ and Tom, her husband’s, mare ‘Rose of Gethsemane’. Deborah then went on to claim more success in the 1m class on ‘Rose of Gethsemane’.

FOCUS: Jodie Creighton on ‘Quality Irish Princess’ competing in the 1.10m class at Connell Hill. (FW19-584NN)

Helen Pearson-Murray from Newtownards, had huge success in the large 1.10m class, when as third to jump, she set an extremely fast time to beat on her mare ‘Little Miss Mollie’, which held the lead until, towards the end of the class, Helen re-entered the arena on her other mare ‘I Aint No Lady’ and beat her own time!

Claire Doherty from Eglinton, third to jump a strong 1.20m class on her dad, Gerald’s, gelding ‘ Krypton DV’, set a brisk time only to be nudged into second place when Adam McKibben from Dromore, scooped poll position on his gelding ‘Moneybroom Chilento’. Liam McGarry then ended this very successful day, taking the honours of the 1.30m class on ‘Hyves-Onde W’, owned by Gareth Godfrey from Coleraine.

Connell Hill conveys their thanks to Course Designer, Will Crean; Judges Marie Fallon O’Kane and Judith McClelland; Photographer Lyndon McKee, starter, arena crew, staff, competitors, owners, grooms and spectators for this most successful day and look forward to welcoming everyone back for this May league, which runs until Saturday, June 1.


Saturday, May 4

Class 1 – 80cm:
No Result.

Class 2 – 90cm:
=1) Joanne Nevin’s Curraghavarna Bud, Joanne Nevin; Naomi Wilson’s Dstud Jenson W, Naomi Wilson; Judy Murphy’s Javas Manhattan, Liam McGarry; Deborah Allen’s Lissan Pippa, Deborah Allen; Laura Crown’s Miss Lady Lux, Laura Crown; Eamon O’Connor’s Mo’s Touch, Eamon O’Connor; Helen Forgrave’s Ossie Man, Helen Forgrave; Tullyelmer Farm Ltd’s Parvati AEG, Kerry Taggart; Samantha Hamilton’s Riverbourne Exclusive Echo, Samantha Hamilton; Tom Allen’s Rose of Gethsemane, Deborah Allen; Donna Campbell’s Something About Mary Lou, Donna Campbell; Keith McDonald’s Springburn Shutterfly, Keith McDonald; Brendan Doherty’s Springhill Casanova, Fergus Reid; Grace McGarry’s Took By Storm, Grace McGarry.

Class 3 – 1m:
=1) Samuel J Smyth’s Ballylurgan What Lux, Hannah Thompson; John English’s Burello W, Charlotte Greer; Laura Reid’s Candy Cane (HSI), Laura Reid; Donna Campbell’s Cleo, Donna Campbell; Laura Sloan’s Cornascriebe Quida Diamond, Laura Sloan; Rhonda J Carson’s EMS Miska, Rhonda J Carson; Brian Smyth’s Iroko Quarry Diamond, Brian Smyth; Judy Murphy’s Javas Manhattan, Liam McGarry; Brian Smyth’s Kitty GB, Brian Smyth; Melanie Moorhead’s Lady Phoenix, Melanie Moorhead; Laura Reid’s LMK Nataya, Laura Reid; John English’s Longfield Trinity, Charlotte Greer; Helen Forgrave’s Ossie Man, Helen Forgrave; Anthea Moffett’s Pumba S, Anthea Moffett; Tom Allen’s Rose of Gethsemane, Deborah Allen; Sylvia Thompson’s Sam-Mar Madame Sophie, Hannah Thompson; Chelsea Robinson’s Sky Lander, Chelsea Robinson; Keith McDonald’s Springburn Shutterfly, Keith McDonald; Amy Wilson’s Vagabond, Amy Wilson.

Class 4 – 1.10m:
1) Helen Pearson-Murray’s I Ain’t No Lady, Helen Pearson-Murray; 2) Helen Pearson-Murray’s Little Miss Mollie, Helen Pearson-Murray; 3) Gillian Johnston’s Greenday Van De Burgthoeve, Dean Cotton; 4) Rhonda J Carson’s Lismon Russel Cream, Rhonda J Carson; 5) Derek Reid’s I’m Boss WH, Fergus Reid; 6) Liam McKee’s Je Teva, Liam McKee.

Class 5 – 1.20m:
1) Adam McKibben’s Moneybroom Chilento, Adam McKibben; 2) Gerald Doherty’s Krypton DV, Claire Doherty; 3) Gareth Saunderson’s GTA Emerald Lee, Gareth Saunderson; 4) Colin Thompson’s Armani Velvet, Victoria Thompson; 5) Claire Schaefer’s KPCM Master Of Fortune, Claire Schaefer.

JUMPING WELL: Hannah Thompson on ‘Ballylurgan Imperial Fly’ jumping well in the 1.10m class at Connell Hill. (FW19-583NN)

Class 6 – 1.30m:
1) Gareth Godfrey’s Hyves-Onde W, Liam McGarry.


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