Life at Loughry Campus

n Caitlin Walker enjoying life at Loughry Campus.

My name is Caitlin Walker and I am from Newmills in County Tyrone. I am currently studying the National Diploma in Food Nutrition and Health at CAFRE, Loughry Campus.

I made the decision to study at CAFRE when I completed my GCSEs after hearing about the National Diploma programmes from family and friends. I also read lots of interesting social media posts about the student experience at CAFRE. Once I visited the CAFRE Open Evening, I knew that I wanted to study at Loughry Campus.

n Caitlin works hard in Science practicals at Loughry Campus. :

My favourite subject at school was Home Economics. Through studying this subject, I became really interested in food, how it is made and the nutrition of food. Having researched the programmes at CAFRE I knew the National Diploma was the right choice for me.

I am really enjoying my course at CAFRE. I like how the lecturers teach us and make the classes interactive and fun. We also get the opportunity to visit food companies which is a great experience to help me fully understand what I am learning about and to see this learning in a real life business.

There are a lot of benefits to studying the National Diploma at CAFRE, including the fact that there are no exams, but rather all assessments are assignment based. However the main benefit for me is the careers advice I have received. Through our industry visits, guest speakers and lectures I have learnt about the diverse range of exciting jobs that a food graduate could undertake. There are a lot more career opportunities available to me than I realised!

When I complete my National Diploma in Food Nutrition and Health I would like to study for an Honours Degree. After that who knows – there are so many career paths I could follow! I am looking forward to completing my 12 week work placement as part of my course and I hope that this will help me identify my future career path.

I advise anyone who is interested in pursuing a career path in food to come and study at CAFRE. There are a lot of extracurricular and social activities to participate in. Life at CAFRE is very different to school and I am really enjoying my experience at the Loughry.


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