Lime Park league well underway

Lime Park BR Farm
1.10M: Ella Heron and ‘Riley’ jumped double clear in the 1.10m class at Lime Park. (FW48-526NN)

SUNDAY, November 24 saw the third show in the Lime Park annual winter horse and pony show jumping League. The foggy morning saw a slow start. This Sunday will see the fourth show in the League, which will be run over four Sundays, with the final on the fifth week. Dates left are Sunday, December 1, followed by the final on December 8.

Shows start with Beginner/ Warm up round, with cross-poles on the ground and follow on with 50cm cross-poles, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 1m and 1.10m.
To qualify for the final, competitors will have to have jumped in three out of the four shows, with the same horse/ pony and rider combination and the same competitions each week.

70CM: Sarah Curran and ‘Barney’ jumped double clear in the 70cm class at Lime Park. (FW48-525NN)

For the final, the prizes are mounting up thanks to the sponsors, who are: Stonebridge Equestrian Feeds, K_M Equine Jewellery, Nathan O’Neill Shavings, Michael McAvoy Straw, Kevin McNally Farrier Services, Mackeys Equestrian and Lime Park Tack Shop and Equestrian Centre.

Any further enquiries, phone Lime Park on 028 9262 1139 or message them on Facebook!


Sunday, November 24

Beginners/Warm up: Alesha Stewart, Domino; Faith Magill, Flash; Lydia-Marie Close, Snowy; Beth Jackson, Blossom; Emma Lennon, Bubbles; Charlotte Lennon, Domino; Rebecca McClean, Pepsi; Eva Rose Keenan, Coke; Erin Heatley, Belle.

50cm: Jamie-Leigh Close, Sheamus; Ellen Archer, Nibbles; Emily Gibson, Paddy; Aimee Brown, Apachie; Jessica Fullerton, Coco; Petra Acheson, Trixie; Hannah Corry, Fancy; Kaiden Ruddy, Herbie; Jennifer Hamill, Tabs; Aoife Douglas, Jupiter.

60cm: Clodagh McBride, Lily; Rachel Allenby, Paddy; Petra Acheson, Trixie; Ellen Archer, Nibbles; Vivienne Andrews, Sarah’s Pebbles; Emma Lennon, Coke; Harry McMillan, Case; Harry McMillan, Bonnie; Beth Jackson, Autumn; Beverley Nesbitt, Boris; Hannah Corry, Fancy; Jessica Huff, Bobby; Aoife Douglas, Jupiter; Jennifer Hamill, Tabs.

70cm: Brook Tate, Lily; Harry McMillan, Case; Kelly McKee, Duke; Anna Valley, George; Angela Cartwright, Clover Top; Caitlyn Vallely, Dusty; Sarah Curran, Barney; Emily McBurney, TT; Kodi Clarke, Zeva; Jessica Huff, Martha; Mia Truelove, Sheamus.

80cm: Shannon Hastings, Abbie; Abbie McMillan, Bonnie; Jessica Fullerton, Judy; Nikita Crookshanks, Martha.

90cm: Abbie McMillan, Bonnie; Ellie McClean, Oscar.

50CM LINE UP: From left, Emily Gibson, Jessica Fullerton, Jennifer Hamill, Jamie Leigh Close, Petra Acheson and Hannah Corry jumped double clear in the 50cm class at Lime Park. (FW48-522NN)

1.10m: Ella Heron, Riley.


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