Lisbane Farm to host Eventing Ireland’s first outing since lockdown

Lisbane Farm two-phase BR Farm
MAKING A SPLASH: Competitors will no doubt be keen to get out for the first cross-country event of the year. (FW27-558NN)

A two-phase event competition will be held at Eric Pele’s Lisbane Farm, Saintfield on Saturday, July 11, with the long-term partnership of Kingsfield Haylage and Baileys horse feeds, with the added support of the veterinary services of David Turley MRCVS, who specialises in lameness and performance work as well as reproduction and dentistry, while Leo Pele DIP WCF qualified farrier, who offers remedial and corrective hot and cold shoeing, completes the team.

For their first cross-country event of the year, Eventing Ireland technical delegate Stuart Sterling has given his approval on the outlines and the riding aspect of the event, whilst the organising team led by Dora Beacom, Eventing Ireland secretary and liaison officer, is ensuring that correct social distancing measures required by government guidelines are being implemented. Eventing Ireland’s Compliance Officer, Fiona Boal, will also be in attendance.

SUPPORT: Baileys Horse Feeds will once again be supporting the two-phase event at Lisbane Farm. (FW27-557NN)

The event, which is open to all, including non-members, is providing a range of classes – 110cm, 100cm, 90cm and 75cm – with pre-entries at £30 per horse or pony to be made by Wednesday, July 8 by text to Dora on 07876 758979. Payment by PayPal (using the Friends and Family option) to Full payment must be made by close of entry.

A limited number of participants will be taken on a ‘first come, first served’ basis to keep public interactions to a minimum. Competitors will be asked to respect their allocated time for show jumping prior to engaging in the second phase, with a 15 minute time gap to permit equipment adjustments and specific warm up for the cross-country.

Once competitors have completed the second phase, they will be asked to vacate the event within one hour, thus allowing parking space for the later competitors. Three distinct parking areas, A, B and C, will be in operation, each assembling competitors from the same class (google map of the event will dictate where competitors will be parked).

The weekly Tuesday Summer Jump Cross series at Lisbane Farm will start on July 14 to run throughout the summer, starting at 6pm with 75cm with a similar format of pre-entry. Further details will be issued on FB and Farm Week.

PARKING: A map showing the three distinct parking areas that will be in operation at Lisbane Farm. (FW27-556NN)

It is of the utmost importance that safety measures to contain COVID-19 are followed by the general public. Competitors, who themselves are the primary beneficiary, must abide by the rules in place and respect the timing set by the organisers. Recent months have highlighted the fantastic work done by the people behind the scenes and one must value the personal time and care given by the helpers, whether parking attendants, fence judges or officials.


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