Tuesday, August 31, 2021
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Lively discussion at Ballycoose Open Day

THE Open Evening at Ballycoose Farm was enjoyed by all.

The speakers on the evening were Kenny Linton and Claire Windrum from Dunbia and Pierre Syben, who is employed by Derek Daniell in the Wairere business. The beef and lamb that visitors enjoyed was kindly supplied by Dunbia.

The market for breeding stock internationally is dominated by performance recorded stock with an increasing demand for “Easycare” wool shedding genetics. Campbell has sold and supplied six rams for an export breeding programme. There is also an order for ewes for export – this is aimed at fulfilling the demand in New Zealand for proven sheep from a damp climate.

This year all the rams used at Ballycoose have been genotyped for parentage with good results.

The presentations and discussion covered a wide range of topics, including how the lamb market has developed over the past 18 months in ways which were not anticipated, increasing both in volume and value. Current and forward contracts in Australia and New Zealand are strongly priced.

There was also discussion on the importance of avoiding injections anywhere that is damaging to the lamb carcase, which can’t be easily trimmed. The adivce was to inject vaccinations, etc, up the neck.

Another concern expressed by speakers was that bruising caused by pulling or lifting by the fleece or lambs climbing over other lambs has increased in prevalence and is causing avoidable damage.

There was lively and interesting discussion well into the evening. There is recognition that performance recorded sheep have a lower environmental impact and a smaller carbon footprint.


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