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LMC highlights need to keep children farm safe

Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) Chief Executive Ian Stevenson, pictured right, has highlighted the hidden –, and not so hidden – dangers that can confront children as they may seek to use their farming homes as adventure playgrounds over the coming weeks.

He explained: “The school holidays have arrived. The coming weeks will see children wanting to get out and explore their farms at a time when large machinery items such as tractors, slurry tankers, silage harvesters and trailers will be working long hours.

“Under these circumstances the risk of an accident taking place increases accordingly.

“Additionally, livestock of all

ages constitute a danger to children. This is particularly so if cows are grazing with young calves. The potential dangers associated with bulls are acute for people of all ages.”

Ian continued: “This is one of the busiest times of the year for farmers across Northern Ireland.

“But it shouldn’t be taken as a given that farm accident rates will rise in a commensurate fashion.

“Every farm accident can be avoided. The onus is on farmers and contactors to think through the potential impact of every action before they undertake any piece of work.

“Risks can be mitigated by ensuring that heavy items are properly stacked and secured, by keeping gates to lagoons and slurry tank covers closed when not in use and by knowing where children are when work with livestock or machinery is taking place on the farm.

“Children, by their very nature, are most exposed to the risk of an accident taking place at this time of the year.

“School learning may have stopped for the summer but children on farms continue to

learn so much more about their surroundings and farming heritage.

“This is excellent learning for our future farmers and leaders but the onus must be on keeping them safe at all times when out and about on farms across Northern Ireland.”

The commission is an affiliate member of Northern Ireland’s Farm Safety Partnership (FSP). It has a long track record of promoting the highest possible safety standards on local farms.

Prior to lockdown, the LMC was awarded a ‘Highly Commended’ certificate by FSP for helping to promote health, wellbeing and safety to farming families across Northern Ireland.

Mr Stevenson concluded: “Child-

ren and young people living on farms are not attending school at the present time.

“Given this reality, LMC is urging parents and adults to have precautions in place and teach children about safety on the farm.”



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