Looking after poultry during lockdown

Ducks 2-7-20 SM Farm

Being at home gave me the opportunity to spend more time with the birds and collect eggs regularly, marking them and hatching separately.

I was lucky that the hens started laying almost all around the same time and thus have bigger batches out than last year.

I could keep them cleaner and entertained and this has meant virtually no feather pecking.

At the co-op we booked and paid for the hen food by card and the order was waiting in the drive, meaning no hassle getting it.

Being able to tend to the hens broke the day up and made it easier to cope with lockdown.

I also joined Nikki Heath ‘s team on her Virtual Poultry Show Facebook page, and being the Admin for the Juvenile and Soft Feather Light sections made my days suddenly busier than before, especially the days leading up to judging day were quite busy with a healthy stress level and nearly as exciting as an actual show.

The tasks are as diverse as managing an actual show, assisting the exhibitors, replying to different questions, finding judges and setting out their tasks, etc.

And keeping the momentum going, trying to entertain the virtual members (over 2,000), and have some poultry fun activities.


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