Looking forward to Ulster Region Awards evenings

THE Ulster Region Committee are once again planning for the New Year, putting the finishing touches to their forthcoming awards Gala evenings held once again this year in the splendid surroundings of Corick Country House Hotel and Spa, Clogher.

The ‘Black Tie’ Gala awards evening for Horse Athetes will take place on Saturday, January 20, with a welcome reception planned for

7pm, with dinner starting promptly at 7.30pm.

The ‘Dress to Impress’ Pony Awards take place two weeks later on Friday, February 2, commencing with the presentation of awards at 6.30pm.

Bookings to reserve your place at the gala evenings are now open, with forms available to download from www.ulstershow jumping.ie/ News/ID/548/ Awards-Bookings-are-now-open.

Those making bookings are asked not to send their card details on the form, instead organisers are reminding attendees to ensure a valid contact number is provided so payment can be discussed.

Tickets are priced at £35 for an adult and £20 for a child.


Horse Awards – Bookings close on Friday, January 12, with seating arrangements emailed to guests week commencing January 15.

Pony Awards – Bookings close on Friday, January 26, with seating arrangements emailed to guests’ week commencing January 29.

For assistance in completing the form or with any other enquiry regarding the awards evenings, please contact:

Fiona Carson on 07711 473666; Chris Bogle on 07709 199474 or Aldyth Roulston on 07948 426262.


Alison Irwin; Alistair Barr; Annabelle Heffron; Casey Phair; Catherine Chambers; Catherine Morrow; Catherine Thornton; Claire Badger; Clem McMahon; Colleen Glasgow; Emma Jackson; Fiona Thompson; Gabriel Tunney; Hannah Patterson; James Hogg; Jenny Rankin; Joe Harris; John Mulligan; Jonathan Smyth; Karl Kee; Kelly Kilburn; Kenneth Graham; Kerry Taggart; Lewis Trenier; Luke Campbell; Lynne Russell; Mackenzie Healy; Mervyn Clarke; Michael Roche; Neal Fearon; Olivia Roulston; Patricia Stewart Greer; Peter Smyth; Philip White; Philip White; Rachel Moore; Sam El Dehan; Sarah McLean; Shannon Robinson; Taryn McClurkin; Victoria Brown.


Abby Morton; Adam Adair; Alana Roulston; Alex Finney; Amy Leigh McAuley; Amy McLaughlin; Anna Cardwell; Annie Courtney Cadam; Annie Gibson; Aoibhan Treanor; Arthur Conlon; Ben Maybin; Beth Thompson; Caitlin Comey; Caitlin Kelly; Caitlin Taggart; Caitlin Weatherup; Calum Hoey; Calum McVeigh; Calum Pearson; Cameron Weatherup; Camryn Clarke; Caoimhe Hegerty; Caoimhe Treanor; Caoimhian Sharkey; Cara McFadden; Catherine Buchanan; Ceadaoin Currie; Cerys Howell; Charles Heffron; Charlotte Doyle; Charlotte Greer; Charlotte Houston; Che Flanagan; Ciara Geaney; Cillian Torrens; Claire Conlon; Clara Burns; Clara Daly; Conor Harris; Cormac Taggart; Daniel Pearson; Daniel Tubbritt; Darren Irwin; Darragh Murphy; Dylan Torrens; Eenna Hamilton; Elisha McNama; Elizabeth Millar; Ella Grant; Ella Rush; Ellen Douglas; Ellen Thompson; Ellie Humphries; Ellie Rose Cassidy; Emily Boyd; Emma Burns; Emma Jane McCloskey; Emma McEntee; Emma Taylor; Erin Crawford; Erin Talbot; Eva Sloan; Eve Donnelly; Fionn Clarke; Freya Sayle; Grace Hamill; Hannah Marie Slater; Harriet Mangan; Helen Walsh; Hugo McAlpine; India Heffron; India Heffron; James Courtney- Cadam; Jamie Clarke; Jamie Smyth; Jemima Heffron; Jennifer Torrens; Jenny Dunlop; Jessica Baxter; John McEntee; John Murray; Jordyn Magill; Kate Millar; Katie Conlon; Katie Gibson; Katie McEntee; Katie McLaughlin; Katy Mae McElwee; Kerrie Kerr; Kiera McGrath; Kym Moore; Leah McVeigh; Lewis Trenier; Lucy Donnan; Lucy Morton; Mackenzie Carmody; Maeve Clarke; Maeve Coffey; Matthew Conlon; Medb Kinney; Megan Harris; Michaela Dunne; Mya McDowell; Natalie McKenna; Nial Bruce; Niall McEvoy; Niamh McEvoy; Nicholas Bothwell; Oliver Doherty; Oran Hackett; Orla Henry; Patrick McEvoy; Paul McPhillips; Robbie Sheehan; Robert Russell; Robyn Donnelly; Robyn Fitzpatrick; Ruairi O’Neill; Ruari Clarke; Ruben Foley; Ruby Millar; Ryan McKenna; Samuel Wilson; Sarah McLaughlin; Sarah Moore; Scarlett Thompson; Shane Whelan; Simone Leathem; Sophia Bingham; Sophie Doherty; Teaghan Burns; Ted Gibson; Trudie McCoosh; Victoria Thompson; Yiayan Evans; Zara Jane Kelly; Zara McAnerney; Zoe Caskey; Zoe Mellett.


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