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Lessans BR Farm
TRAINING CLINIC: Dawn Lewis and ‘Ellie’ enjoyed a flatwork lesson during Ron Schaefer’s training clinic. (FW19-537NN)

IT has been a busy few weeks at Lessans Livery Yard, Saintfield, with a two-day training clinic, show jumping and dressage competitions all on the calendar!

Just before Easter, riders of all ages and abilities enjoyed an innovative Pick ‘N’ Mix Clinic with brilliant local instructor Ron Schaefer, where they were able to choose their own combination of flatwork and jumping lessons across a Saturday and Sunday. And, with demand high, Ron had two very full days of lessons to instruct! Feedback was fantastic from those who took part, and lots of good improvement and learning was shown under Ron’s watchful, enthusiastic eye – not forgetting plenty of fun along the way!

ADVANCED: Jenny Nixon and ‘Harley’ took some advanced jumping training during Ron Schaefer’s clinic at Lessans. (FW19-536NN)

Last week saw the kick-off of several weeks of Wednesday Night Show jumping competitions at Lessans, which are open to riders young and old, novice and more seasoned; while Sunday, May 5 brought another Have A Go dressage competition to the yard. This was also well supported and gave those new to dressage, on young horses, ring-rusty or trying to move up a level, the chance to ride a test under competition conditions, but with additional feedback and without the added pressure often associated with the discipline!

There are plenty more new events and training opportunities being added to the Lessans calendar all the time, so keep an eye on the Lessans facebook page and website (www.lessansridingstables.com). Everyone is always welcome to join in!

For further information on any upcoming events or livery services, you can also contact Philippa Auret on 07808 923894.


Wednesday, May 1

Wednesday Night Show jumping

50-60cm assisted: =1) Abi Gardner, Buster; Jennifer Thursfield, Harry; Keira James, Kaz; Kate McLaughlin, Oscar; Abbey Wallace, Ladybug; Rachel Booth, Max.

60-70cm: =1) Lara Dunlop, Bella; Abbey Wallace, Ladybug; Jessica Burns, Cody; Rachel Booth, Max; Elsa McGall, Molly.

70-80cm: =1) Cara Norman, Henry; Mia Lewis, Cherokee; Adam Booth, Firefly; Nat Wilton, Wishful Willow.

80-90cm: =1) Megan Carville, Joni; Mia Lewis, Cherokee; Nat Wilton, Paddy; Hannah Patterson, Ladybug.

90cm-1m: 1) Kate McLaughlin, Toffee.

Sunday, May 5

Have A Go Dressage

Intro: 1) Mary Booth, Franc; 2) Elaine Hamill, Percy; 3) Heather McCullough, Jake.

Prelim: 1) Debbie McAlister, Monty; 2) Mia Lewis, Lily; 3) Kate McLaughlin, Toffee; 4) Mia Lewis, Cherokee; 5) Mary Brady, Milo; 6) Carol Lamberton, Slievenisky Snow Use; 7) Arlene Greenaway, Bob.

PROGRESS: Katie Robinson progressed ‘Mac’s’ flatwork training during Ron Schaefer’s clinic. (FW19-535NN)

Novice: 1) Roisin Kelly, Olga; 2) Jennifer Griffin, Bow.


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