Loughgall Vintage Ploughing Club’s annual match

Loughgall ploughing SM Farm
ABOVE: Father and son, John Willis with David on board their faithful tractor during the annual ploughing competition run by the Loughgall Vintage Club. John, one of the chief organisers remarked: “The ground is perfect and we have almost 30 tractors today from many parts of the Province.”

Loughgall ploughing match results:

Ferguson Class: 1, R Clifford; 2, J O’Brien; 3, H Elliott.

ABOVE: Seamus Crossan was kept busy at the Loughgall ploughing match raking up the straw

Lift Class: 1, J Adair; 2 F Dunn; 3, F Davidson.

Novice Class: 1, S Moffett; 2, B Jamison; 3, P Graham.

Trial Class: 1, D Gratten; 2, S Crossan; 3, D Willis.

ABOVE: This ancient plough and tractor proved to be very strong for the annual Ploughing match organised by the Loughgall Ploughing Club.

Champion of the Field: J Adair.


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