Loughry students enjoy experience at Lough Neagh Eels

TRIP: National Diploma Food Technology Students enjoying their visit to Lough Neagh Eels with Product Development and Marketing Manager Cathy Chauhan (far right).

AN end of semester trip to Lough Neagh Eels proved to be an enjoyable day out for National Diploma Food Technology students from CAFRE. As part of their Meat Technology unit, where the students have learnt about various types of meat processing including red meat and poultry, the visit to Lough Neagh Eels put the theory into practice.

During the visit, Loughry Campus Food students were able to see the day to day activities at the largest commercial wild eel fishery in Europe, starting with the delivery of the live eels to the Co-Operative by the Lough Neagh fishermen. Following the process through intake, grading and packing, the students were intrigued to learn that the eels are shipped live to England, Holland and Germany in specially designed packaging which gives them sufficient oxygen and moisture for the duration of their journey!

Following the tour around the factory, students had a sneak peek at the newly opened Lough Neagh Fisheries Visitors Centre.

Why not come and ‘taste’ what Loughry has to offer at the careers advice evening on Thursday August 22. You can also check out the website at www.cafre.ac.uk or follow DiscoverCAFRE on Facebook and Instagram.


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