Low-salt bacon is Oh So Lean success

A low-salt bacon has been developed by Oh So Lean, an award winning specialist in premium low-fat and healthy meats in Kilkeel.

The new bacon has been developed by Oh So Lean founder and managing director Sean Morgan using a unique technique for removing salt from dry-cured bacon which is also free from dairy, gluten, MSG and soya and has no added sugar.

The company has won business from independents and delis in Northern Ireland and is now expanding into the Republic of Ireland.

Based at Kilkeel harbour, Oh So Lean was established in 2011 by Mr Morgan, an experienced family butcher, in response to the growing market demand for low-fat and healthy meats.

The bacon is home cured by Mr Morgan using a salt rub and the salt removed after curing by a technique that he has developed.

“As a result, the salt content is 50 per cent lower than the lowest currently on the market,” Mr Morgan says. “We use only the best meats from Northern Ireland suppliers in all our products which have won a series of awards from Gluten Free Ireland.”

The small company won seven awards at last year’s all-Ireland Gluten Free Awards, including gold for two meals.

“We are very conscious of the developing market concerns about allergens and have developed an extensive portfolio of premium products to address these issues. They also offer delicious options for those concerned about health and diet,” he adds.

The family-owned and managed company, which employs 10 people in Kilkeel, says its range is suitable for all diets “throughout the weight loss industry”. “All meat products contain less than three per cent fat and are oil and dairy free and with no added sugar.

“We source the leanest cuts of meat for burgers and sausages in particular, as well as spices which are gluten and MSG-free along with tapiocaline instead of rusk which ensures a slow releasing carb,” he says.

In addition to burgers, sausages and other meat products, Oh So Lean also produces convenience foods such as soup, sauces, lasagne, other pasta dishes, chicken curry and stew. The ready meals are gluten and dairy free, low in salt and have just three per cent fat.

Oh So Lean is the only ready meal company in Northern Ireland to offer these product characteristics.


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