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Lusk’s Lucky Derby

LUSK Equestrian outside Lisburn held a Lucky Derby on Sunday, June 27… They were lucky with the weather; lucky that the organisation was spot on and all competitors were on time’ and lucky that all had a great day! Questions were asked throughout the 15-fence course, which included two doubles and the devils dyke treble.

Eric Pele’s son Leo was first to go in the 1 metre class and jumped a lovely clear to set the standard. However, in the four-horse jump off, it was Chloe Lister Tinsley on her lovely mare ‘Bonnie’, who jumped clear just quicker than Lesley Jones on ‘Christie’ to take first place.

The 85cm class produced six clears, with Ellen McNabb and ‘Syd’ showing everyone how it should be done in a time of 29.75 seconds.

The 70cm class was, as usual, divided into the competitive riders and those on a learning curve and it was great to see Taylor McKnight taking the top spot and third place.

Many of the competitors complimented Jenny Lusk on the course and were asking when the next one was taking place.

It’s a busy weekend again with the North Down Pony Club coming for three days of camp and then on the 11th July Lusks are hosting the Balmoral Qualifier.


Sunday, June 27

Summer Derby at Lusk’s

Class 1 – 1m: 1) Chloe Lister Tinsley, Bonnie; 2) Lesley Jones, Christie; 3) Ashleigh Carlisle, Eve; 4) Leo Pele, Rusty; 5) Victoria Mullen, Carrickview Flamenco; 6) Emma Jayne McPolin, Marley.

Class 2 – 85cm: 1) Taylor McKnight, Astro; 2) Riona Savage, Knockash Willis; 3) Taylor McKnight, Indie; 4) Jess Vaughan, Maho Beach; 5) Victoria Mullen, Cooley; 6) Lesley Jones, Max.

Class 3 – 70cm: 1) Ellen MacNabb, Sid; 2) Katie McKee, Bear; 3) Jenna Rodgers, Indie; 4) Hannah Blakely, Ardgaineen Sparrow; 5) Tommy Price, Leo; 6) Sophie Lister Tinsley, Erik.

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