Macra na Feirme support for clubs and members

DELIVERIES: Macra na Feirme National President Thomas Duffy modelling a Macra facemask announcing an initial batch of 2,000 masks being delivered to clubs over the next few weeks.

MACRA na Feirme has announced a range of support measures to assist members, clubs and county executives dealing with the impact of Covid-19. The measures include a club reboot package, signposting members struggling with mental health to an online mental health charity, Turn2me, as well as incentives at county level to support activities.

Macra na Feirme President Thomas Duffy said: “Participating in Macra na Feirme activities have for many members of the organisation provided an outlet for those struggling with isolation, loneliness and other mental health difficulties. These activities have been heavily curtailed by Covid-19.

“By signposting members struggling

to, those members will be able to avail of the Turn2me’s suite of safe, secure and confidential online services such as 24/7 online clinically moderated peer support and information, counselling sessions online and online support groups on a wide range of mental health themes – seven days a week, 365 days a year. These services complement Macra’s own efforts of the past 12-18 months such as the Tipperary-based initiative Make the Moove, which is a peer-to-peer service supported by Health Ireland Tipperary for young farmers in Tipperary.”

In outlining details of the club reboot package, Mr Duffy said: “Over the next one to two weeks, club secretaries will receive a reboot care package for members in their own clubs. That package includes HSE approved signage, a supply of hand sanitiser, and a selection of Macra branded facemasks to distribute free of charge.”

Macra na Feirme will distribute an initial quantity of 2,000 face masks to members around the country. The masks, designed by Waterford company Azzurri, are reusable, washable and meet NSAI standards required for Covid-19 for social and workplace protection against Covod-19 in conjunction will all the other relevant public health advice of sanitising, cough etiquette and social distancing.

Macra na Feirme has also created a fund for county executives to access to support a return to activities around the country.

The development fund provides small grants to county executives to support requirements and additional measures needed to ensure Covid compliance with existing or new events that encourage member engagement.

In concluding his remarks, Macra president Mr Duffy said: “The Macra na Feirme board, Finance Committee, staff and management are acutely aware of the challenges that members, clubs and county executives are facing with Covid-19. These measures have been designed with that in mind.

Whether signposting to Turn2me, facemasks, or financial supports for county executives to support member engagement, our desire is to have as safe a return to activity in compliance with public health guidance as we can possibly have.”


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