Mains – but no water on County Tyrone farm

50 July 2 1968 Water SM Farm

It could be a long, thirsty summer for farmers at Trillick, County Tyrone.

The farmers, who live in the townlands of Castlemervyn and The Harp, have had no water supply for the past six weeks, although their farms are connected to the mains!

And the blame, they allege, must rest squarely on the shoulders of Omagh Rural Council.

The council, the farmers claim, has consistently and repeatedly ignored their pleas for a constant and reliable water supply.

As one farmer put it: “It is an ironical situation. The pipes are there but not a single drop of water has flowed through them since the beginning of last month.”

Mr Desmond Armstrong, of Castlemervyn, Trillick, right, one of the hardest hit farmers, told FarmWeek: “Unless the council acts, and acts quickly, we could be facing a serious water shortage during the next few months.”

Mr Armstrong, who farms along with his father Mr John Armstrong, added: “The needs of our holding and my brother Maurice’s farm are being supplied with water from one small well.

“At the moment, there is only about three feet of water left in the well, and, as both farms need several hundred gallons of water daily, there is no guarantee that the well will continue to supply both our farms.”

Mr Armstrong said that if their well supply failed it would be difficult to find an alternative source for use in the farm’s 1,300 poultry unit.


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