Market for farm drones to soar

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The market for agriculture drones is expected to soar in the coming years, according to a Market Study Report.

It is predicting that global sales will pass the $8 million (£6.3 million) mark by 2026 as demand increases worldwide, says the Delaware-based research body.

Drones are increasingly being employed for weed detection, monitoring crop health, crop scouting, variable rate application, and livestock management, it said.

Other significant factors triggering market growth are the increasing population, rising automation of farm operations, higher need for crop quality improvement, lower availability and surging costs of labour, and the need to maximise crop production.

The United States Department of Agriculture uses drones extensively for its National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP), taking images that government agencies then use to assess land usage, crop plantings and yields.

The report looked at the use of various types of agriculture drones, including fixed wing, hybrid, and rotary blade.

It said the global market use of drones was segmented into a number of sectors, including crop scouting, field mapping, variable rate application and livestock management.

The filed mapping application segment dominated the global agriculture drones market in terms of revenue in the year 2017, noted the report.

North America accounted for the highest revenue in the year 2017, and is predicted to lead the global market throughout the forecast timeframe.

The report said market growth in this region could be attributed to the rising labour costs and growing automation in agricultural practices.

Growing investments and subsidies by governments in the agricultural sector were also likely to accelerate the adoption of agriculture drones, it said.


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