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Michael Sherlock launches P&M Pets

Michael Sherlock is no stranger to the poultry world, having many successes at various shows. Michael is now part of P&M Pets.

He has started a new venture with his girlfriend Patsy. They created a pet and poultry business last year, P & M Pets, and it has really taken off since.

The couple are currently providing a service to Fermanagh and surrounding areas.

At the minute they have hybrid pullets, Indian runner ducks, game fowl and pet quality call ducks, along with a selection of small animals.

The pets and poultry complement each other, and the business has supplied both pets and poultry to the same households.

Their most popular sellers are finches, canaries and budgies. Going one step further, they are now in the midst of the breeding season for these new varieties.

Future plans are to get back to shows as soon as possible and hopefully show some of the small pets too. They are hoping to add some more breeds to their poultry collection as they expand the business.

“Previously I have kept and bred Rhode Island Reds, Light Sussex, Ancona, Silkies, Old English Game Bantams, Oxford Bantams, Saxony ducks and Magpie ducks,” says Michael.

We wish Michael and Patsy every success in this new venture.

n Michael and Patsy can be contacted on 07541 200884 for any of your poultry needs or through their P&M pets Facebook site.



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