Microsoft’s xCloud mobile game streaming service to launch on September 15


Microsoft has confirmed that its mobile streaming video game service, Project xCloud, will officially launch on September 15.

The tech giant and maker of the Xbox console said the service will be launched as part of its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service next month at no extra cost.

It will allow users to play more than 100 console-quality games on their mobile phone or tablet.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer tweeted about the upcoming launch, saying it had been “years in the making”.

Microsoft said the cloud gaming platform would launch in 22 countries, including the UK, and exclusively for Android phones and tablets.

Kareem Choudhry, corporate vice president of Project xCloud, said: “As the world around us changes and entertainment is readily available no matter the device, it’s our vision to make games accessible in a variety of scenarios.

“All the experiences you expect on Xbox and your gaming profile travel with you on mobile, including your friends list, achievements, controller settings, and saved game progress.

“You can continue your Gears 5 campaign while travelling away from your home console, or if a sibling or roommate is using the TV you can still complete strikes with friends in Destiny 2.”

A preview version of the xCloud platform, which launched to select users in the UK, US and Korea last year will end on September 11, Microsoft also confirmed.


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