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Midweek fun at Knockagh View

KNOCKAGH View held the third week of their midweek show jumping league last Wednesday night. Thanks go to judge Paul Johnston.

A spokesman said: “We have been so lucky with the weather and it has been lovely to be able to run again outdoors and catch up with everyone.”

The final of this league has since been held on Wednesday, September 1.


Wednesday, August 25

30cm: =1) Harry Simms, Indie (m); Amelia Logan, Bart (g); Jessica Simms, Patchwork Girl (m); Mia Kennedy, Top Aleysha (m); Maya Gillespie, Stelly (g); Elsa OKane, Maverick (g); Ava Glover, Birfield Silver Maiden (m); Amy Reid, Lord Frodo (g); Florence Bannon, Heidi (m).

50cm: =1) Poppy Bannon, Heidi (m); Anna Glover, Birfield Silver Maiden (m); Ruby Cowan, Oscar (g); Molly Clarke, Belle (m); Sandi Mcilhenny, CLAS Lady (m).

60cm: 1) Amelia Bannon, Judy (m); 2) Becky Woodside, Montys Magic (g); 3) Molly Clarke, Belle (m); 4) Laura Dale, Murphy (JBot) (g); 5) Taddie McBrien, Volvo (g); 6) Sandi Mcilhenny, CLAS Lady (m).

70cm: 1) Sophie Moore, Diamond Daydream (m); 2) Summer Abbi, Solo Star (g); 3) Amelia Bannon, Judy (m); 4) Becky Woodside, Montys Magic (g); 5) Lucas Young, Sunrise (g); 6) Jen McIlrath, Tyson (g).

80cm: 1) Sarah McConnell, Ace (m); 2) Courtney Goudie, Rushall Ruby (g); 3) Kristie Wilson, Twinkletoes (m); 4) Miriam Wright, The Castletown Lad (g); 5) Lucas Young, Sunrise (g); 6) Sophie Moore, Diamond Daydream (m).

90cm: 1) Debbie Bunting, Lily (m); 2) Kristie Wilson, Twinkletoes (m); 3) Ben Foster, Victor (g).

1m: 1) Alison McLean, Shi (m); 2) Nikita Kidd, Adastra on a Whisper (m); 3) Nikita Kidd, Tilly (m); 4) Ben Foster, Victor.


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