Milligans on top form at Hagan’s Croft Dressage League

Hagans Croft dressage 2411 BR Farm
NOVICE: Antoinette Milligan and ‘King’s Appraisal’ won the Novice class at Hagan’s Croft. (FW48-528NN)

SATURDAY, November 24 saw the penultimate leg of Hagan’s Croft’s five-week dressage league, where thankfully the weather was crisp and dry for the time of year. The first class of the day was a British Dressage Intro test and there were two clear competitors battling it out for the top spot. However, it was Sarah McClay and her 14hh chestnut ‘Tigger’, who literally rose to the occasion with a score of 71.73% claiming first place and the red ribbon. It was second place for Ellen McDonald and her grey Connemara ‘Mario’ with 70.43%, followed by Holly Reilly and ‘Just Jake’ with 65%.

Joanne Gray and ‘Sir Barnabas’ carried on their winning form in the Newcomers class. For the second week in a row, this pair strode into first place with a score of 69.05%. It is great to see this combination develop and improve on their score each week, fingers crossed this continues through to the final next week! Another pair who have improved on their scores from last week are Ellen McDonald and ‘Mario’. This week a score of 66.9% secured them their second blue ribbon of the day. Sophie Anstey and her gorgeous cob ‘Nesbitt’ weren’t far behind with a score of 65.71%, which secured them the third place ribbon.

RUNNERS UP: Rebecca Geddis and ‘Apollo’ were runners up in the Novice class at Hagan’s Croft. (FW48-527NN)

Class 3 British Dressage Prelim 2, 2016 saw five lovely tests ridden in front of judge Ivor Harper. Keva Milligan was delighted to find out that she and ‘Kings Appraisal’ had ridden into the top spot with a score of 66.03%. Ellen McDonald and her trusty steed ‘Indie’ placed second with 64.83%, followed by Rebecca Geddis and ‘Apollo’ with 63.62%.

With Antoinette Milligan’s daughter Keva taking the red ribbon with the Prelim class, Antoinette and ‘King’s Appraisal’ had a hard act to follow in the Novice class. Their test did not disappoint, with the pair striding into first place and claiming the red ribbon with a score of 64%. That certainly made for a picture perfect family photo with two red ribbons! This meant that Rebecca Geddis and ‘Apollo’ slipped into second place with a score of 63.2%.

Thank you to all the competitors who supported the fourth leg of this five-week league and Hagans Croft – organisers hope to see you all again next week.

Thanks are extended to the judge Ivor Harper, scribes and stewards and to Black Horse Photography for covering the event. Photographs are uploaded the following day and can be purchased direct from Black Horse Photography N.I’s website.

The League continues every Saturday until next week, December 1. The final is open to all competitors, even if you have not qualified for the league. A separate prize giving will be held for those competing on the day and those competing in the league. To qualify for the final, each horse/ pony and rider combination must compete in three out of the five weeks and within the same dressage class. Competitors must be present at the final to be eligible for league placings. Scoring is based on a points system and details of league scores can be found on Hagan’s Croft’s website or facebook page. Rosettes are awarded to the first six placing each week and within the overall league placings.

Please see or facebook for more details or contact Gillian on 07849 106453.


Saturday, November 24

Class 1 – Intro – British Dressage Intro A, 2008: 1) Sarah McClay, Tigger 71.73%; 2) Ellen McDonald, Mario 70.43%; 3) Holly Reilly, Just Jake 65%; 4) Valerie McCracken, Braveheart 64.57%; 5) Judith Bracken, Mary 63.48%; 6) Jessica House, Khalasar 62.61%.

Class 2 – Newcomers – The Pony Club Grass Roots Dressage Test, 2016: 1) Joanne Gray, Sir Barnabas 69.05%; 2) Ellen McDonald, Mario 66.9%; 3) Sophie Anstey, Nesbitt 65.71%; 4) Tina O’Connor, Toffee 64.52%; 5) Catherine O’Hanlon, Thomas 62.14%; 6) Aideen O’Hanlon, Prince 61.9%.

Class 3 – Prelim – British Dressage Prelim 2, 2016: 1) Keva Milligan, King’s Appraisal 66.03%; 2) Ellen McDonald, Indie 64.83%; 3) Rebecca Geddis, Apollo 63.62%; 4) Siobhan Holloway, Tully’s Rebel 63.1%; 5) Ben Cousins, Kind of Magic 62.76%.

PRELIM: Keva Milligan and ‘King’s Appraisal’ secured the top spot in the Prelim class at Hagan’s Croft. (FW48-526NN)

Class 4 – Novice – The Pony Club Novice Dressage Championship Test, 2012: 1) Antoinette Milligan, King’s Appraisal 64%; 2) Rebecca Geddis, Apollo 63.2%.


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