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Milly Cow book aims to connect children with the food they eat

A renowned children’s author has written a series of books for young children about where food comes from in the hope to improve their understanding of the food they consume.

Milly Cow Gives Milk, which is endorsed by RABDF, is the first book in the four-part ‘Follow My Food’ series by author Deborah Chancellor and illustrator Julia Groves.

It is aimed at pre-school and key stage one-aged children and follows a day in the life of Milly the cow by explaining what she gets up to and where her milk ends up.

Ms Chancellor has written over 100 books for children and says this latest series is something she is passionate about.

She said: “I have always been keen on food and I like to know where it comes from.

“A lot of young children do not know where their food comes from, they might not even realise apples grow on trees.

“It’s important they understand that connection between food and the environment and educating them at a young age is important.”

She adds: “The timing is good with lockdown as more children are outside walking in the countryside and it is good to be able to make that connection with the outside world and the food they eat.

“If we can help children see the preciousness of food and understand the process and what’s involved in producing it, they may not waste it,” she added.

The first book in the series has taken over 18 months to produce with lots of research involved.

The book also contains a factual section about how milk is nutritious and all the different things it can be made into.

RABDF was keen to endorse the book to help the education of young children.

RABDF Managing Director Matt Knight said: “Milly Cow Gives Milk is a simple yet informative book and is targeting the right age group. If we can connect children with the food they consume at this age then it will help their understanding and appreciation for farming and the environment as they get older.

“Educating primary school children about food is something we had planned to do pre-Covid and is something we aim to pick up when restrictions lift.

“This book is a great starting pointing to help children understand the journey from farm to fork.”

The hardback picture book will be available in all good bookshops when they reopen and online now for £10.99. Isbn 978-1-912650-52-1.

n The next book in the series, which will be released later this year, is called Polly Bee Makes Honey.



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