Minister visits Omagh plant

50 January 27 1970 minister SM Farm

Last Thursday the Mid-Ulster Meat factory at Doogary, Omagh, was “at home” to Mr Phelim O’Neill, Minister of Agriculture.

Accompanied by the permanent secretary, Mr James Young, and assistant secretary, Mr Wilson Steen, the Minister was shown over the plant and told about the factory’s proposed £200,000 development plans for the next few years.

White coated and capped, Mr O’Neill paused at every stage of the plant to study the sophisticated meat processing techniques.

Explaining the various functions of the departments were Mr Alfred Meade, group chairman Meade Londale Group, Mr Denis Williams, group managing director, and Mr Robert Sproul, a Mid-Ulster Meat director.

Other guests included Mr Norman Wilson, chairman, Omagh Urban Council, Mr William Colhoun, chairman, Omagh Rural Council, the regional deputy veterinary officer, Mr John Thompson, and the divisional veterinary officer, Mr William Scally.

A section of Mid-Ulster Meat which particularly impressed the guests on Thursday were the offal departments.

Virtually nothing from slaughtered animals is allowed to go to waste in this County Tyrone factory.

Blood is collected in ten gallon containers, and as well as being used in animal feeds it, like other offals, makes a valuable contribution to pharmaceucal medicines,


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