Misty landscape and Nepalese street scene take top spots in BVA photo competition

Vet pics 2 SM Farm


1: Horse at Dawn by Jennifer Dykes: A horse casually observes the sunrise over Tewet Tarn in the Lake District.

2: All creatures small and slimy by Luke Yeates: A tree frog resting on an outside wall in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador.

3: Chasing Sunsets by Kyle Eadie: Dogs run happily at sunset on a deserted beach in Cornwall.

4: Sleepy Bees by Justine Shotton: Two bees collect pollen from a ‘silver thistle’ flower in the Dolomite foothills of Veneto, northern Italy.

5: Moother Care by Ana Coscujuela Vigo: Calves relax in the sun of Denuy in the Pyrenees while being groomed by their mother.

6: Lake District Saviour by Dr Clair Williams: A search dog sits on the ground awaiting further instructions after the rescue of a missing person in the Scafell area of the Lake District.

7: Perplexed by Rebecca Woollard: A zoo giraffe makes a ‘perplexed’ expression after walking out into the sunshine and surveying spectators.

8: The expression from an equal by Laura Caballero Pastor: A monkey sits in a Nepalese temple staring intently at the camera.

9: Beast of Bodmin by Danny Chambers: A ‘wild’ Highland cow mooches on Bodmin Moor, photographed during a drive across Cornwall.


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