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Mollichaff launches great value Molasses Free Chaff

NEW Mollichaff Light Molasses Free is the perfect low cost option for adding fibre to your horse or pony’s diet, whatever their level of work.


Low in sugar, starch and calories, Mollichaff Light Molasses Free is ideal for:

– Providing essential fibre for all horses and ponies.

– Horses and ponies requiring a diet that is low in sugar and starch.

– Those prone to laminitis.

– Overweight horses and ponies, and those needing a calorie-controlled diet.

– Horses and ponies showing signs of gastric discomfort.

– As a partial hay replacer for those with a low calorie requirement.

It is made from a unique blend of dried grass, straw, soya oil and flavouring, with added fibre pellets to stimulate interest and chewing.

Essential fatty acids provided by the soya oil help maintain healthy skin and promote a glossy coat, ensuring your horse or pony looks it’s best.

This high-fibre, dust-free feed provides essential fibre and supports a healthy digestive system. It is free from molasses, alfalfa, cereals and preservatives.

“We are excited to announce the launch of Mollichaff Light Molasses Free,” said Mark Westaway, Marketing Manager at HorseHage and Mollichaff.

“Applying our more than 30 years of experience producing high quality and great value chaffs, we are proud to add to our range another great chaff for owners and riders looking to add fibre to their horse or pony’s diet.”

Mollichaff Light Molasses Free is available in a 12.5kg bag, RRP from £8.00.

For further information on equine feeding and to request your free sample, please call the HorseHage and Mollichaff Helpline on 01803 527274 or visit:

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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