Motor-less swinging brush keeps animals happy for less

The motor-less ‘Jolly Cow’ Swing Cattle Brush – easy to site, lower purchase and running costs.

DAIRY Spares has launched a motor-less swinging cattle brush which helps satisfy cows’ needs to scratch and groom themselves.

Called Jolly Cow, the brush hangs vertically down and moves mechanically 180° through one plane. Cows push it against gravity to groom both the top of their backs and along their sides. The absence of motorisation enables this brush to be easily sited. It has a much lower purchase and running cost than motorised brushes.

Installing brushes inside a shed enables cows to satisfy their natural needs to rub, scratch and groom themselves, providing many benefits for their health and welfare. Studies have shown cows have less stress, fewer cases of mastitis, and improved milk yields.

The ‘Jolly Cow’ Swing Cattle Brush is 90cm by 40cm and should be fixed so the bottom of the brush is at a height of 80cm from the ground. One brush per 50 cows is recommended. It costs £595 +VAT.


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