Mrs Marion Boyd

50 July 2 1968 Farmview SM Farm

On her marriage 13 years ago a Co Antrim lady – without any previous experience in farming – suddenly found herself at a hub of agricultural affairs with the latest developments in the industry “a recurring household theme” ever since.

“Having been reared in the Ballymena area with its great agricultural tradition I had always a natural interest in farming but as far as a direct link with the land is concerned I am afraid none existed before my marriage,” Mrs Marion Boyd, wife of Mr Matt Boyd, principal of Greenmount Agricultural College, told FarmWeek.

“I am still far from being any kind of authority but 13 years of ‘brain-washing’ is bound to have had some effect,” she quipped.

“A chemist before her marriage, Mrs Boyd expressed her satisfaction at Greenmount’s success over the years.

“Any wife must be pleased to see her husband’s enterprise progressing while in our case there is the more general pleasure that the students are receiving a good training for the contribution which they will be expected to make to the country’s leading industry,”

Mrs Boyd summed up her role in the college as “seldom an official visitor but constantly unofficial”.

“From my experience over the last few years I am convinced that there will be a continuing demand on efficiency in farm management with the swing to bigger and bigger units constantly gaining momentum,” she remarked.

There are two children – a 12-year-old daughter and an eight-year-old son – in the family both of whom are “too young to have fixed views on a future career”.


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