Muckamore WI meeting

Muckamore WI SM Farm

The new Women’s Institute year for Muckamore began with the President, Marlene, welcoming a large attendance to the September meeting.

The speaker was nutritional therapist Amanda Johnston, who gave a very inspiring and informative talk and demonstration on healthy eating, giving members lots of tips to inspire good health.

The competition winner was Jennifer Johnston and this month’s birthday girl was Joan Hamilton.

Meanwhile, Kells and Connor WI President Rosemary McAllister also welcomed all to the September meeting and guest speaker

Thompson Steele.

Mr Steele portrayed Belfast through story and song. His stories were interesting and had the ladies accompanying him in some of his songs. Everyone enjoyed the evening and there was plenty of laughter.

Vonla and Campbell Allen were congraulated on their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Pearl Hanna and Linda Millar were also congratulated on their acchievements at Antrim Show.

Magazine winner was Jean McKee. Competition – An Old Fashioned Gadget: 1, Pearl Hanna, 2, Eleanor Worthington, 3, Jean Smyth.

After a lovely supper the evening ended with The Country Woman’s Song.


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