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Mueller number one choice at Coole Farm

By Julie Hazelton

MUELLER has an unrivalled reputation for the quality, efficiency, durability and reliability of its milk cooling technology.

Manufactured from polished stain-less steel, Mueller tanks are seamless and made to high specifications. They are available in three models – the low profile oval design O model, the narrow profile circular P model, and the vertical silo. Each model comes in a wide range of sizes, and features a watertight outer vessel, adjustable legs, and a lockable outlet.

“Boasting decades of experience, Mueller is ranked as one of the best-selling bulk refrigeration systems on the world market,” explained local agent Cecil Wilson from Wilson Milk Tanks in County Antrim.

“The company’s bulk milk coolers are designed to combine rapid cooling with low energy consumption. Its patented HiPerForm cooling technology reduces electricity usage by up to 27 per cent, and is unrivalled when it comes to energy efficiency.”

The range also boasts a ‘quick wash’ cleaning cycle, making it the number one choice for farms using robotic milking technology.

Cecil added: “Robots are rapidly growing in popularity. Mueller cooling vessels are fully compatible with robotic technology, and the company’s MIII unit is designed specifically to work in tandem with robots.”

Mueller has been the number one choice for more than 15 years at Coole Farm in Dervock, County Antrim.

Owned by Johnston and Marlene McKay, who farm in partnership with nephew Christopher McKernan, the farm is home to 110 commercial cows producing milk for Lakeland Dairies.

The herd is dominated by Holstein genetics, with cows averaging over 10,000 litres at 4.20 per cent butterfat and 3.38 per cent protein per annum.

The dairy unit at Coole Farm was upgraded eight months ago, and the modernisation project included the installation of two robotic milking machines, and the purchase of a 10,000 litre Mueller O-model tank complete with MIII control panel.

“Mueller was our number one choice, and Wilson Milk Tanks offers a reliable and efficient back-up service. The new tank is farmer-friendly, and gives us the capacity for milk collection on alternate days,” explained Christopher. “All I do is check the chemical. Everything is fully automated. The tank cools the milk and controls the temperature.”

He added: “I like the bottom fill system which means there is no build-up of foam in the tank. The wash cycle is also fast and efficient, and fully compatible with the robotic system. The robots and the tank talk to each other – it’s a slick operation!”

The Mueller tank at Coole Farm is situated outside the dairy. “It was too big for our existing dairy, so we opted for an outdoor location. The milk outlet valve and the control panel are easily accessed from inside the dairy,” added Christopher.

Cecil added: “The reconditioned tank was supplied with a one-year warranty, and is complete with Mueller’s digital E-Star HiPerForm system. This is the perfect match for robotic milking. The electronic valve has the ability to reduce capacity, and allows small volumes of milk to be cooled immediately.”

With rising energy costs, Coole Farm is also reaping the physical and financial benefits of the Mueller Fre-Heater. The system heats water by converting the waste heat generated by the milk cooler’s condensing unit.

Cecil explained: “The Fre-Heater is the result of extensive research and development. It is very versatile and can be installed on any brand of new or existing milk cooling system. Compact in design, it heats water up to 58°C, which is useful for washing the milking plant and bulk tank, and feeding calves.”

Backed-up by a five-year warranty, the Fre-Heater is available in two models, which consist of a heavy-duty, glass lined storage tank, surrounded by Mueller’s stainless steel Temp-Plate heat transfer surface for maximum heat efficiency. Two-inch foam surrounds the Temp-Plate surface, keeping heat within the tank. The entire assembly is housed within a rust-resistant and maintenance-free stainless steel exterior.



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