Mueller yields significant energy savings on Randalstown dairy farm

BENEFITS: Randalstown dairy farmer Philip McKee discusses the significant energy saving benefits of his Mueller milk tank with Cecil Wilson, Wilson Milk Tanks. Picture: Julie Hazelton

AN unrivalled reputation for energy efficiency, reliability and quality are the main reasons that prompted Randalstown dairy farmers Des-mond and Philip McKee to invest in a new milk cooling system from Mueller.

Eighteen months ago the County Antrim duo installed a 12,000 litre P model tank complete with Mueller’s flagship MIII control panel. “We are really pleased with our investment,” explained Philip, who runs the 150-cow Bleachview Holstein Herd.

“Our old tank wasn’t big enough, and it seemed to be running continuously to cool the milk and maintain the desired temperature. The system was slow and driving our electricity costs up,” added Philip, who produces 1.4 million litres annually for Dale Farm.

The McKee family had heard good reports about Mueller from friends and neighbouring dairy farmers. Supplied by Wilson Milk Tanks based in Glenarm, the new circular profile P model tank fitted into the existing dairy without the need for additional building work.

“The Mueller tank is fast and efficient, and the milk is cooled when we are finished milking. The tanker collects the milk and leaves the yard before 8am, so it is crucial to have it cooled and ready to go.”

Installing the new milk cooling system has given Desmond and Philip McKee more storage capacity, which also eliminates the extra transport charges associated with every day collection (estimated at between £200 and £300 per month). “We’ve noticed significant savings on our overhead costs. Our electricity charges fell by over £3,000 in the first 12 months. It was a very noticeable reduction, especially as our energy supplier introduced a price rise during the same period.”

The McKees are also using Mueller’s heat exchanger to heat water to 55 degrees celsius. This is used for washing the milking plant and tank, and feeding calves.

Mueller has been manufacturing and supplying bulk milk coolers world-wide for decades. The com-pany’s HiPerForm condensing unit carries a global patent, and its extensive range of tanks combine rapid cooling ability with low energy consumption.

“In today’s economic climate operating efficiency is crucial for farmers,” stressed Mueller agent Cecil Wilson.

“Mueller’s HiPerForm refrigeration system uses up to 27 per cent less electricity, and offers faster cooling than conventional units, making it one of the most efficient and best-selling cooling systems in the world.”

Mueller bulk tanks are available in three basic models: the low profile oval design O model; the narrow profile circular P model; and the vertical bulk milk silo. All models are available in a variety of sizes, manufactured to high specifications, and feature a seamless, polished texture and watertight outer vessel with adjustable legs.

The Mueller MIII control unit is a standard feature on all new horizontal tanks and vertical silos, and is compatible with robotic milking technology. Its modern design incorporates a ‘quick wash’ cleaning system, complete with automated detergent and acid dosage control system.

The built-in Milk Guard system monitors milk cooling temperatures and times, as well as wash water temperatures and other data, which is stored for up to six months. The digital panel also includes an audio and visual alarm system which alerts the user if a problem occurs. The system can send alert messages to mobile phones using a Sim card.

n Wilson Milk Tanks can sup-ply a wide range of new and reconditioned Mueller bulk cool-ers.

For further information contact Cecil Wilson on 07730 065075 or Gene Ormiston on 00353 86 2577071.


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