Nail-biting dressage final at Hagan’s Croft

Hagans Croft BR Farm
NOVICE: Lynsey Sneddon and ‘Carsonstown Porsche’ won the Novice league title at Hagan’s Croft. (FW49-534NN)

SATURDAY, December 1 saw the final of Hagan’s Croft’s Winter dressage league and also their last competition for 2018. The weather was dull and miserable, but this did not hamper competitors turning down that centre line in front of judge Stephen Murphy. The final was open to everyone and Hagan’s Croft were pleased to welcome new faces to this venue; although to qualify for league prizes, competitors had to compete in three out of the five weeks including the final to be placed within the league, therefore there were two separate prize givings on the day.

Valerie McCracken and ‘Braveheart’ had a great run throughout the five weeks within the Intro class, being placed within the top six each week, however, all their hard work came to fruition in the final with a score of 71.15% securing them first place on the day and third place overall in the league. Sarah McClay and ‘Tigger’ also had a great run throughout the league, scoring 70% on the day and second place and claiming the overall Intro league winner, coming home with a beautiful dressage league red ribbon and Hagan’s Croft goodies. Judith Bracken was overjoyed with her 23 years young mare ‘Mary’ achieving their highest score in the league to date with 68.84%, this secured them third place on the day. Ellen McDonald claimed third place in the league with her Connemara gelding ‘Mario’.

PRELIM: Ellen McDonald and ‘Indie’ claimed the Prelim league title at Hagan’s Croft. (FW49-533NN)

Hagan’s Croft have been delighted to see the Newcomers class being very well supported throughout the league. Liz Orr and ‘William’ certainly had their sights set on the top spot within the Newcomers class, steaming ahead with a score of 69.58% securing them the red ribbon on the day and also the overall Newcomers League winner. Well done to this super combination! Joanne Gray and ‘Sir Barnabas’ made great strides from their first appearance at Hagan’s Croft and throughout the five weeks, achieving third place on the day and second overall in the league, receiving Leovet products for their efforts.

Class 3 Prelim saw a couple of new faces competing on the day with some top scoring. With the good wishes and support of younger family members on the ground, Lynsey Sneddon took first place on the day with ‘Carsonstown Porsche’, followed by Ellen McDonald and ‘Indie’. These placings were swapped around for the league, with Ellen claiming first place and Lynsey second place.

Nothing was going to knock Lynsey Sneddon and ‘Carsonstown Porsche’ off the top spot in the Novice class, riding home with a score of 69.75% to claim the red ribbon on the day and the overall Novice league. Well done to this pair, a super day at the office. Organisers were pleased to have Kristine Sakvarne back competing at Hagan’s Croft and she was surely pleased with her and ‘Rambo’s’ efforts. achieving 68.75% and second place on the day. Second place in the league went to Antoinette Milligan and ‘Kings Appraisal’, who took home a beautiful blue league ribbon and Leovet products.

The last class of the day was the Elementary class and an British Eventing Intermediate Dressage Test, where Stephen Murphy had the pleasure of judging two beautiful tests ridden by Lynne Robinson on ‘Dermot’ and Cairlinn Carroll and ‘Carlingford’s Henry’. 0.68% separated these tests, so it was a very close class, however, Lynne just tipped Cairlinn to first place. Well done to both competitors – it is a pleasure to watch and have such a high calibre of horse and rider compete at Hagan’s Croft.

Hagan’s Croft would like to extend a huge thank you to all the compeitors, who supported this event throughout the five weeks. Thanks also go to the judges and scribes; and to all the stewards, who keep the league running so smoothly every week! Congratulations to the league winners, who were delighted to receive the Hagan’s Croft hamper of goodies.

Thank you to Black Horse Photography for covering the event throughout – all photographs can be purchased form Black Horse Photography’s website.

Hagan’s Croft will be taking a short break for the winter and would like to thank everyone for all their support throughout 2018. Happy Christmas to you all and they hope to see you in the New Year for a jam packed 2019 schedule ahead. All information on 2019 events can be found on Hagans Croft’s website: and facebook page.


Saturday, December 1

Class 1 – Intro – The Pony Club D Level Dressage Test, Walk, Trot 2012: 1) Valerie McCracken, Braveheart 71.15%; 2) Sarah McClay, Tigger 70%; 3) Judith Bracken, Mary 68.84%; 4) Ellen McDonald, Mario 65.38%; 5) Rosie McCormick, Indigo Rose 62.3%; 6) Helen Murphy, Belle 61.53%.

Class 2 – Newcomers – British Dressage Prelim 13, 2006: 1) Liz Orr, William 69.58%; 2) Ellen McDonald, Mario 65.62%; 3) Joanne Gray, Sir Barnabas 65.2%; 4) Tina O’Connor, Toffee 63.96%; 5) Sophie Anstey, Nesbitt 63.96%; 6) Claire Mackay, Craigmore Silver Rebel 63.75%.

Class 3 – Prelim – British Eventing BE90 Dressage Test 91 (2009): 1) Lynsey Sneddon, Carsontown Porsche 74.75%; 2) Ellen McDonald, Indie 71 29%; 3) Nicola Browne, Cruz 69.25%; 4) Alex Gordon, Hot Sox 60.25%; 5) Siobhan Holloway, Tully’s Rebel 54%.

Class 4 – Novice – British Eventing BE100 Dressage Test 107 (2016): 1) Lynsey Sneddon, Carsonstown Porsche 69.75%; 2) Kristine Sakvarne, Rambo 68.75%; 3) Antoinette Milligan, King’s Appraisal 64.25%; 4) Lorna Glendenning, Clancey 62.75%.

Class 5 – Elementary – British Eventing Intermediate Dressage Test 115 (2011): 1) Lynne Robinson, Dermot 68.86%; 2) Cairlinn Carroll, Carlingford’s Henry 68.18%.

League Results

Class 1 – Intro: 1) Sarah McClay, Tigger; 2) Ellen McDonald, Mario; 3) Valerie McCracken, Braveheart; 4) Judith Bracken, Mary; 5) Helen Murphy, Belle.

Class 2 – Newcomers Prelim: 1) Liz Orr, William; 2) Joanne Gray, Sir Barnabas; 3) Ellen McDonald, Mario; 4) Sophie Anstey, Nesbitt; 5) Claire Mackay, Craigmore Silver Rebel; 6) Tina O’Connor, Toffee.

Class 3 – Prelim: 1) Ellen McDonald, Indie; 2) Lynsey Sneddon, Carsonstown Porsche; 3) Siobhan Holloway, Tully’s Rebel.

NEWCOMERS WINNER: Liz Orr and ‘William’ won the Newcomer class at the final and also secured the league title at Hagan’s Croft. (FW49-532NN)

Class 4 – Novice: 1) Lynsey Sneddon, Carsonstown Porsche; 2) Antoinette Milligan, King’s Appraisal.


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