Narrow Water hosts Dressage League finale

Narrow Water dressage BR Farm
INTRO: Above, Emily O’Hare on ‘Bosa Nova’ winners of the Intro class at Narrow Water. (FW34-594NN)

NARROW Water Equestrian Centre hosted their Botanica Dressage League Final on Sunday, August 12. The weather held up promising a wonderful day on the centre’s new fibre surface in the outdoor arena. Competitors took part in three weeks of Dressage competition to ensure their place in the final.

Michael would like to thank Botanica for their generous sponsorship of the event, the judges who gave their time over the course of the league, all those who helped run the event and also all the competitors who took part. Further leagues will be held in the near future, Michael can be contacted on 07815 653599 for any enquiries regarding upcoming events, arena hire or coaching.

PRIZE WINNERS: Successful competitors in the Botanica Dressage League, pictured with their prizes, from left, Sinead Grant, Katie Adams, Cairlinn Carrol, Bethany McMahon, Luka Doran and Mervyn Sleeth. (FW34-593NN)


Sunday, August 12

Dressage League

Intro: 1) Emily O’Hare, Bosa Nova; 2) Cairlinn Carroll, Mr Biggles; 3) Bethany McMahon, Skye Blue; 4) Sinead Grant, Magic; 5) Katie Leigh McCardle, Newgrange Connie.

Preliminary: 1) Luka Doran, Whiskey Haw; 2) Mervyn Sleeth, Maximus Leviticus; 3) Emily O’Hare, Bosa Nova; 4) Lily Fegan, Savannah; 5) Katy Adams, Skye Blue; 6) Katie Leigh McCardle, Newgrange Connie.

IN THE RIBBONS: Katie Leigh McArdle and ‘Newgrange Connie’ were in the ribbons at the Narrow Water dressage league. (FW34-592NN)

Novice: 1) Mervyn Sleeth, Maximus Leviticus.


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