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National show jumping to return to Balmoral Show

AN enhanced National Show Jumping schedule is set to make an appearance at this year’s Balmoral Show, due to take place from September 22 to 25.

Show organisers are urging all who have qualified, to submit their entries online through SJI Live at to ensure their rider packs are issued prior to the Show. Entries will open on Monday, August 23 and close on Friday, August 27 at 9pm. Furthermore, stabling (if required) and parking are not included within entries. These must also be booked in advance of the Show online at A list of qualified combinations can be found below.

A highly anticipated National Grand Prix has also been confirmed and is set to attract an array of top ranking Irish Riders. The 1.40m Grand Prix is open to the top 35 riders, who have declared expressions of interest. All declarations should be received by Vickie White at by 4pm on Sunday, August 22. Selection will take place on Tuesday, August 24 and athletes will be notified by Wednesday, August 25. Any athlete wishing to include a CV of the horse(s) put forward may do so. Entries from selected athletes must also be made via SJI Live by Friday, August 27.

The Balmoral Show will run at Balmoral Park, Lisburn from Wednesday, September 22 to Saturday, September 25. Tickets are now available to purchase online at Please note, this year tickets are day specific only and must be purchased prior to the Show. Conditions of entry can be found online at

For the latest updates on the Show, visit or follow Balmoral Show on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Qualified Combinations

Blue Frog Five-Year-Old Championship:

Barry Griffin’s SBH Captain Jack, Barry Griffin – Cavan; Cian Harrison’s Lev idwj, Cian Harrison – Cavan; Gabriel Slattery’s Captain Candy Man, Olivia Burns – Cavan; Finola Heslin’s MC Crosskeys, Shauna Heslin – Cavan; Rachelle Harding’s RJC Second Bet, Charlotte Harding – Meadows; Anne Torrens’ Cool Garcon, Jennifer Torrens – Meadows; Dominic Rice’s Premier Sparkle, Shane Treanor – Meadows; Stephen Lowry’s Dullerton High Tide, Simon Scott – Meadows; Bravo Hughes Ltd’s HHS India, John McEntee – NBC; Oliver Glancy Jnr’s Clonterm Obolensky, Oliver Glancy Jnr – NBC; Sophie Richards’ Pablo C, Sophie Richards – NBC; Penny Murphy’s She’s Got It, Stephen Murphy – NBC; Erin Sweeney’s Ebony Empress, Jodie Creighton – Portmore; Rachel Whann’s Daquin De Muze, Jodie Creighton – Portmore; Alistair McIvor’s Mr Basil, Jonathan Smyth – Portmore; Maureen Moore’s Cassclo Beach, Lucy Morton – Portmore; Victoria Loane’s Lord of the Rings BMH, Dermott Lennon – Ravensdale; Gavin McGuigan’s EGL Feel The Vibe, Ellen Thompson – Ravensdale; Bravo Hughes Ltd’s HHS Savanna, John McEntee – Ravensdale; Hugh Treanor’s Trebra Lorenzo, Shannon Treanor – Ravensdale.

Havens Horsefeeds Six-Year-Old Championship:

Sharon Eadie’s Vanderbitt, Emma Jackson – Cavan; Derek Reid’s Quintabell, Fergus Reid – Cavan; Barry O’Connor’s Fabuleuse D’Azur, Jenny Rankin – Cavan; Mary McShane’s TC High Quality, Mary McShane – Cavan; Joanne Morton’s Legaland Diamant, Abby Morton – Meadows; Frank Curran’s Leestone Zaire (ISH), Frank Curran – Meadows; Harry Marshall’s Tango E.T., Harry Marshall – Meadows; Kieran O’Keeffe’s Strandhill Skylander, Simon Scott – Meadows; Adam Carey’s Luicruz, Adam Carey – NBC; Joseph Sharkey’s Lisboy Lux Like Kannan, Cora Sharkey – NBC; Richard Bourns’ Fuerty Hero Brigade, Joanne Blair – NBC; Orla Cassidy’s Whitetree Endeavour, Orla Cassidy – NBC; David Prentice’s My Clementine, Angela Waras – Portmore; Quality Sport Horses’ Kruser DHH, Dylan Ward – Portmore; Gareth Godfrey’s Kingsday, Liam McGarry – Portmore; Stephen Gibson’s SGS Pride of the Hill, Stephen Gibson – Portmore; Jean Finney’s MHS Style, Alex Finney – Ravensdale; Bravo Hughes Ltd’s HHS Calgary, John McEntee – Ravensdale; Gortacar Stables’ Gortacar Suspicious Minds 005, John McEntee – Ravensdale; Niamh O’Connor Barry’s Drumiller Vegas, Niamh O’Connor Barry – Ravensdale.

TopSpec Seven-Year-Old Championship:

Declan McGarry’s Orphus DV, Declan McGarry – Cavan; Keith Ennis’ Olympic ‘GL’ ‘FVD’, Elaine O’Neill – Cavan; Donald Loughran’s Cornet, Emily Turkington – Cavan; Elizabeth Phillips’ Justinov, Jenny Rankin – Cavan; Harry Marshall’s Daylight VHS Z, Harry Marshall – Meadows; Charlotte Gibson’s Lancer Luck, Lucy Gibson – Meadows; Samantha Kirk’s FSS Indigo, Samantha Kirk – Meadows; Tommy Murray’s Kinkeen Lough, Tadhg Mulligan – Meadows; Aoife Owens’ Omard Connery, Aoife Owens – NBC; Joseph Sharkey’s Lisboy Emerald, Corey Sharkey – NBC; Sinead Brennan’s Mhs Im the One, Jason Foley – NBC; Regula Wassmer’s Tullabeg Jackson, Kenneth Graham – NBC; Catherine Thornton and David Campbell’s Coachella, Catherine Thornton – Portmore; The Ballydun Group c/o Edward Little’s Carnlea Premier Balou, Edward Little – Portmore; Richard McEvoy’s Lisboy Louie, Niamh McEvoy – Portmore; Keonan Stables Ltd’s Clovalent, Nicole Kershaw – Portmore; Tim Brennan’s GCS Athena, John McEntee – Ravensdale; Paul Caves’ Cafre Quality Clover, Paul Caves – Ravensdale; Ian Chapman’s OS Pouilly Fusse, Rachel Chapman – Ravensdale; Victoria Clarke & Ronnoco Jump Ltd’s Major Royale, Victoria Clarke – Ravensdale.

Orthoderm Private Medical Clinic 1.35m Championship:

Breda Carroll’s Armani BS, Daniel Carroll – Cavan; Kevin & Geralyn Thompson’s Donevan Erkindale, John Floody – Cavan; Luke Campbell’s Corlioni, Luke Campbell – Cavan; Philip Rosbotham’s Avalent, Nicola Kershaw – Cavan; Susanne Macken’s Nobel S, Emily Turkington – Meadows; Harry Marshall’s Daylight VHS Z, Harry Marshall – Meadows; Joy Robinson’s Chardonnay, Shannon Robinson – Meadows; Ian Millar’s Master Millar, Simon Scott – Meadows; Cormac McKay’s Jay Gatsby, Emily Turkington – NBC; Sandra Duffy’s Ardnacashel Coovella, Hannah O’Shea – NBC; Ann Doherty’s Crystal Graf, Jonathan Smyth – NBC; GBBS Ltd & Ennisnag Stud’s ESI Star Struck, Kevin Gallagher – NBC; Miguel Bravo’s MHS New York, Emma McEntee – Portmore; Richard McEvoy’s Haifa OL, Niamh McEvoy – Portmore; Lisa Rosbotham’s Miss Valent, Nicola Kershaw – Portmore; Samantha Dale’s Roundthorn Hercules, Olivia A Rouston – Portmore; Toni Quail’s Ringfort Rua, Ellie Humphries – Ravensdale; Tom Jones’ Carrick Kilderrys Diamond, Emily Corbett – Ravensdale; Heike Tracy’s Beech Hill Tayla Blue, Mark Tracy – Ravensdale; Cavan Equestrian Centre’s Chinatown, Victoria Clarke – Ravensdale.

Connolly’s RED MILLS Young Rider Championship:

Veronika Kelly’s Echo Ireland, Daniella Kelly – Cavan; Andrew Thompson’s Flyhigh Mable, Ellen Thompson – Cavan; Andrew Thompson’s Alejandro Two, Ellen Thompson – Cavan; Alison Mercer’s CV Santander, Ellie Humphries – Cavan; William Todd’s Roscrib de Ross, Abby Morton – Meadows; Lorna Moore’s Scooby Bee, Benjamin Moore (TBC) – Meadows; Rachelle Harding’s Adonis W, Charlotte Harding – Meadows; Francis Donnelly’s Beechmore Lady Lux, Eve Donnelly – Meadows; Jean Finney’s Duco, Alex Finney – NBC; Denise Crawford’s Carrickadawson Womanizer, Erin Crawford – NBC; Harry & Barbara Fitzpatrick’s Fourth of July, Isabel Fitzpatrick – NBC; Sheikh Samir Mirdad’s Mirdads Zamzaaam, Sean Foley – NBC; Hugh Ward’s Diamant De La Mer, Dylan Ward – Portmore; Ella Boyle’s Killadeas, Hugo McAlpine – Portmore; Lisa Rosbotham’s Miss Valent, Nicola Kershaw – Portmore; Lisa Rosbotham’s Novellent, Nicola Kershaw – Portmore; Gerry Marron’s Absolutely Kingmar Z, Alex Finney – Ravensdale; Toni Quail’s Ringfort Rua, Ellie Humphries – Ravensdale; Gillian Kerr’s Lucidam, Kerrie Kerr – Ravensdale; Bravo Hughes Ltd’s Diamino Blue, John McEntee – Ravensdale.

Botanica International Amateur Championship:

Aileen McDermott’s Amber Balou, Aileen McDermott – Cavan; Colm Fitzpatrick’s Maretto Flight, Colm Fitzpatrick – Cavan; Dean Cotton’s Imperial Darco Diamond, Dean Cotton – Cavan; Johnnie Fitzpatrick’s Saunders Beach Ball Cruise, Johnnie Fitzpatrick – Cavan; Katie Frazer’s Keylogues Gold, Katie Frazer – Cavan; Sarah Kinnear’s Elf Queen, Sarah Kinnear – Cavan; Gary Martin Close’s Glenties Grey Rebel, Darren Tracey – Meadows; Grace Carlisle’s Something Smart, Grace Carlisle – Meadows; Jacqui Boland’s Maverick Na Rí, Jacqui Boland, Meadows; Lynn Kelly’s Donaghmore Dolly (AES), Lynn Kelly – Meadows; Niall McColgan’s Mo’s Touch, Niall McColgan – Meadows; Regan Dunne’s BWE Hermes Calover, Regan Dunne – Meadows; Stephen Nolan’s Caricell Supercharge, Stephen Nolan – Meadows; Brian Cassidy’s Looks Easy, Brian Cassidy – NBC; Cathal McMunn’s Jockeyhall Midas Touch, Caitlin Duffy – NBC; Danielle Logan’s Demero, Danielle Logan – NBC; Fiona Coyle’s Arion-E, Fiona Coyle – NBC; Jayne Clarke’s Emby, Jayne Clarke – NBC; Niamh Mallon McFall’s Bay of Biscay, Niamh Mallon McFall – NBC; Caitriona Cody’s Shanroe Socialite, Caitriona Cody – Portmore; Ian Moore’s Triple C (IHR), Ian Moore – Portmore; Joanne Morton’s Iceman van Wittenberg, Kathryn Morton – Portmore; Lisa Pattersonn’s Little Miss Shutterfly, Lisa Pattersonn – Portmore; Niccola Hall’s Ladykiller, Niccola Hall – Portmore; Jane Kealey’s Danny Boy II, Jane Kealey – Portmore; Eileen Duggan’s Kilronan Chin, Eileen Duggan – Ravensdale; Joe Harris’s Coppindell Concorde, Joe Harris – Ravensdale; Karen Lynch’s LCC Caseys Cruise, Karen Lynch – Ravensdale; Kevin O’Reilly’s Furore S, Kevin O’Reilly – Ravensdale; Carroll Produce Ltd’s Kabran De Reve Z, Paul Carroll – Ravensdale; Taryn McClurkin’s Innocense, Taryn McClurkin – Ravensdale.

Millar McCall Wylie Under 10s Championship:

Deidre Murphy’s Sparkling Lackaghmore Katie, Caoimhe Murphy – Connell Hill; Joanne Morton’s Blueoak Charlie Brown, Cliodhna McEvoy – Connell Hill; Ronan McLaughlin’s Phoneix Phantom, Khloe McLaughlin – Connell Hill; Emma Galway’s Aril, Max Galway – Connell Hill; Emma Galway’s Knocka Snoopy, Max Galway – Connell Hill; Ashley Bingham’s One In The Making, Ellie Bingham – Meadows; Martin & Tracy Kelly’s Tynwydd Alun, Eunan Kelly – Meadows; Lisa Hannaway’s Princess Vicky, Megan Hannaway – Meadows; Ronan McLaughlin’s Leo the Lionheart, Sarah McLaughlin – Meadows; Ronan McLaughlin’s Lucky Number, Sarah McLaughlin – Meadows; Victoria Clarke’s Pepsi Mac, Chloe Clarke – Mullingar; Edward Walsh’s Creaghduff Belinda, Edward Walsh Jnr – Mullingar; Martin & Tracy Kelly’s A Little Fairplay, Eunan Kelly – Mullingar; Jillian Nelson’s Cumbak Kid, Juliana Nelson – Mullingar; Shane Hawkins’ Whistletown Blue Belle, Tim Hawkins – Mullingar; Jonathan Flynn’s Bjerregards Katja, Charlie Flynn – NBC; Jonathan Flynn’s Parc Giggles, Charlie Flynn – NBC; Joanne Morton’s Tynnan Tuttle Pip, Cliodhna McEvoy – NBC; Kenneth Rush’s Dutch Lady, Ella Rush – NBC; Gabriel Tunney’s In It To Win It, Elsie Tunney – NBC; Edward Walsh’s Ivoryheights Ella, Edward Walsh Jnr – Portmore; Kenneth Rush’s King of Rock & Roll, Ella Rush – Portmore; Jillian Nelson’s Knockmenagh Rocco, Juliana Nelson – Portmore; James Kernan’s Avas Ruby, Medb Kinney – Portmore; Niki Taylor’s Maximilo, Medb Kinney – Portmore.

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.



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