Natural Umber comes top in taste tests

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New apple cider vinegar Natural Umber has been taste-tested against the three top selling apple cider vinegar brands in the UK and Ireland – and has come out top in every single category.

Independent research conducted by Ulster University, Coleraine, shows that Natural Umber was rated top preference by 86 per cent of participants.

Natural Umber is an organic apple cider vinegar completely different to any other on the market. Fermented differently to the rest, Natural Umber has all of the same health benefits, but retains the natural sweetness of apples and tastes delicious!

Ulster University’s Food and Consumer Testing Suite (FACTS) is frequently used by UK retailers, including Marks and Spencer, Spar and Sainsbury’s.

The founder and director of FACTS, Dr Amy Burns, says that “the findings are extraordinary but not surprising. Natural Umber is unlike any other apple cider vinegar I have tasted or tested. Its unique blend will attract even those who are less inclined to use apple cider vinegar despite its many health benefits and culinary uses.”

The taste panel consisted of 86 participants, all of whom used apple cider vinegar on a regular basis, either in cooking or for

health reasons.

In all the “Just About Right” (JAR) test categories, including Aroma Intensity, Colour, Sweetness, Sharpness and Flavour Intensity, Natural Umber came top in every category.

Produced in Northern Ireland, Natural Umber was developed by Michael Mackle, whose family have over 50 years experience producing apple products.

“After seeing the benefits of apple cider vinegar, I knew there had to be a better way of creating it,” he said. “We spent years developing Natural Umber and it came as no real surprise to me that our vinegar was rated top! We are tremendously proud of what we have created.”

Natural Umber is currently available to buy from or

Also available from a select number of retailers in Northern Ireland.


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