Nessie back tomorrow

50 September 17 1968 Nessie SM Farm

Miss Nessie Kerr, who has been a Young Farmers’ Exchange visitor to Norway, arrives home tomorrow.

Nessie, the 21-years old assistant secretary of Ballycraigy YFC, has spent four months travelling through Norway as guest of the Norske 4-H Clubs, staying on farms ranging from 12 acres to over 300 acres.

Towards the latter end of her trip she stayed with a family north of the Polar circle and is very proud of the sealskin certificate to mark her residence in the region, which was presented to her by the 4-H Club Instructor for the region.

In Norland County – the longest county in Norway (over 200 miles from north to south) she stayed with the family of Mr Jonas Enge, a Labour MP in the Norwegian parliament.

As well as being a farmer he runs the local post office in Bronneyaund.


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