New appointment at fast-growing AHV

ROLE: Jason Meegan, from Eskra in Co Tyrone (left), has joined the sales team at AHV (UK & Ireland). He was welcomed on board by company managing director Adam Robinson.

JASON Meegan, from Eskra in County Tyrone, is the latest member of the fast growing AHV (UK and Ireland) sales team.

Brought up on a beef and sheep farm, he has just completed the agricultural technology degree course, delivered jointly by Queen’s University Belfast and CAFRE. As part of his course placement, Jason was one of a team milking 1,300 cows on a Dorset dairy farm.

Jason will be working with AHV customers, advising them on the company’s innovative product range.

The company has developed a highly specialised product range, comprising a mix of boluses, drenches and calf powders. These natural feed supplements act specifically to restore the normal bacterial population balance in those parts of the host’s body that have become subject to pathogenic attack.

Where dairy cattle are concerned, AHV products can be used in cases where high cell counts constitute a real challenge. They can also be used when clinical mastitis has been detected. As they are natural products, there is no accompanying milk withdrawal period.


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