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New avacado irrigation tech

An Israeli company has developed technology that can match a farmer’s intuition when it comes to watering avocados.

In order for avocados to reach their full growth potential they must be irrigated in the right amount: not too much and not too little.

For decades, that decision was done based on the farmer’s experience and know-how.

Traditional irrigation approaches limit growers to being reactive, not proactive in protecting their avocados.

Israeli technology company SupPlant has come up with a system that uses agronomic algorithms, sensors, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud-based technology to replace the farmer’s instincts.

It has developed a data model using predictive algorithms based on analysing 100 million avocado data points.

SupPlant’s sensors, which measure the stress of the plant, are placed in five locations of the plant (deep soil, shallow soil, stem/trunk, leaf, avocado) and monitor plant and fruit growth patterns, the actual water content in the soil and plant health data.

In addition to this data, SupPlant monitors real-time and forecasted climatic data and forecasted plant growth patterns

All this info is uploaded every 30 minutes to an algorithm in the cloud that provides farmers with precise irrigation recommendations based on the integration of all this data.

SupPlant also uses ClimaCell, the world-leading weather intelligence platform, in order to monitor the weather in a precise plot location.

In addition, SupPlant’s mobile app allows all partnering farmers to monitor plots and control their water budget from anywhere.

With the app, each farmer is able to see the information of each plot, graphic displays of the past and future irrigation plans, hyper-local current and forecasted climatic data specific to each plot, agronomic insights, growth patterns of trunk and fruit, and irrigation patterns.


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