New blue teat sealant introduced


UBROSEAL, the dry cow teat sealant from Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, has been updated to Ubroseal Blue, changing from white to easier-to-see blue, which could help with teat sealant administration and removal.

“The new blue colour also helps to differentiate traces of teat sealant from mastitis clots and helps to highlight if traces are getting through to the milk filters,” says Kath Aplin, Veterinary Adviser at Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health.

The benefits of internal teat sealants for cows at drying off are well established; the reduced risk of new infections during the dry period results in fewer cases of mastitis in early lactation.

For some time now mastitis experts have recommended teat sealants for every cow, every dry period.

“Until now, all teat sealants in the UK have been white in colour. Whilst this is what users are used to, it does have some disadvantages in that white teat sealant doesn’t stand out easily in milk and can be confused with mastitis clots,” Kath Aplin adds.

“Blue teat sealants have been popular for some time in other countries such as the USA, and initial feedback indicates that UK farmers are happy with how the change in colour works on-farm.”

For more information on Ubroseal Blue please speak to your vet.


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