New chairman for Northern Ireland Branch of British Driving Society

OFFICE BEARERS: New chairman Mervyn Ward (centre), pictured with secretary Margaret Carisle (right) and treasurer Stacey Ann Strain (left) at the Northern Ireland branch BDS AGM. (FW50-570JK) PICTURES: Joe Kirkpatrick

MR Mervyn Ward has been elected Chairman of the Northern Ireland Branch of the British Driving Society. The Office Bearers are Hon. Secretary Margaret Carlisle; Treasurer Mrs Staceyann Strain; Committee Members: David Newell, John Weir, Graham Smyth, Neil Weir and John Weir Jnr.

Mr Eugene Larkin has ‘stepped down’ as Chairman of the Northern Ireland Branch of the British Driving Society, but is a Vice-President of the British Driving Society. Thanks to Eugene for all his hard work over the years as Chairman – it is much appreciated. Eugene is a man with a wealth of knowledge on BDS matters.

CONTRIBUTION: Neill Weir receives the Highland Quaich for the member who has contributed most to the branch from Graham Smith at the NI BDS AGM. (FW50-569JK)

Mr Graham Smyth presented the winners who had gained Highest Points in 2018 at Selected Shows in Northern Ireland with Trophies.


In Hand Class: Joe Cleland, ‘King James’; Runner up: John Weir Jnr, ‘Lucifer’.

Gigs – any height: David Mathers, ‘Roseallen Lady’.

Trade Vehicles: John Weir Jnr, ‘Rosehall Alexander’ driven to a Butcher’s Cart.

The Silver Quaich (A Scottish Drinking Cup) was presented to Neil Weir, a non-showing member, in recognition of work done by him beyond the call of duty in 2018. The previous winners have been John Powell, David Newell, Liz Kelly-Ward, Eugene Larkin, Eileen Weir and Graham Smyth.

A calendar of Events for 2019 season will be available in the near future.


January 14 2019 – Committee Meeting, 8pm.

March 25 2019 – Members Meeting at Bridge Community Centre, Lisburn, 8pm.

GIGS: David Mathers receives the Gigs points trophy from Graham Smith at the Northern Ireland branch BDS AGM. (FW50-568JK)

May 25 2019 – Ballynahinch Annual Show – contact Margaret 028 9266 5893.


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