New committee at Kells

New committee at Kells

Elizabeth Gray, from Muckamore Women’s Institute, chaired the Kells and Connor WI AGM, with tellers Marjorie Hamilton and Maisie Clyde.

Reports were read and adopted. A new committee was elected consisting of Marilyn Barr, Jean Crawford, Jill Crockard, Angela Currie, Lynne Francey, Sally Harper, Marie Mewha, Anna Murphy, Rosemary McAllister, Olga O’Neill, Jean Smyth and Eleanor Worthington.

Rosemary McAllister was elected as President. The Bell Challenge Cup was presented to joint first Pearl Hanna and Eleanor Lorimer.

Vivinne Mawhiney thanked the out-going committee. Magazine winner was Lynne Francey. After supper Rosemary thanked the chairman and tellers and presented them with gifts. The evening ended with singing the Country Woman’s Song.


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