New faces at Mid Ulster gymkhana

Mid Ulster BR Farm
MEDALS: Ellen and Lily O’Neill, prize winners in the Fledglings class at the Mid Ulster gymkhana. (FW30-568NN)

THERE were a few new faces in the latest in the series of summer gymkhanas, organised by the Mid Ulster Show jumpers on the lands of Mr Hugh Nicholl, Hillhead Road, Castledawson.

The judges were Hugh Nicholl, Sam McMaster and Isobel Mawhinney.

WELL DONE: Prize winners in the horse warm up class at the Mid Ulster gymkhana, with judge Hugh Nicholl. (FW30-567NN)

The next gymkhana is on Saturday, August 18, with the Perpetual Silver Show taking place on September 8.


Ponies – Junior Jumping: 1) Ellen O’Neill, Coco; 2) Ben Chambers, Beano; 3) Lily Rose McKenzie, Shadow.

Fledglings: Iona McKay, Freddie; Sarah Bates, Dixie; Lily Rose McKenzie, Snow White; Darragh Martin, Roger; Abbie Chambers, Beano; Lily O’Neill, Coco; Ben Chambers, Beano; Ellen O’Neill, Coco; Elen Irwin, Kimblewick; Ellen McCrory, Dante; Lily Rose McKenzie, Shadow.

Pony Warm Up: 1 (drawn for) Abbie Chambers, Beano; Also clear: Lily Rose McKenzie, Shadow; Ellie Mae McCrory, Dante; Iona McKay, Freddie; Elen Irwin, Kimblewick.

40cm Novice: 1) Jacob Lyle, Tamara; 2) Abbie Chambers,Beano; 3) Elen Irwin, Kimblewick.

50cm Open: 1) Daniel Dallas, Rolo; 2) Kaitlin McCrory, Dante; 3) Kaitlin McCrory, Pop.

60cm Novice: 1) Kaitlin McCrory, Pop; 2) Jack Morrow, Freckles; 3) Sarah McKenzie, Taz.

70cm Open: 1) Kaitlin McCrory, Pop; 2) Jack Morrow, Freckles; 3) Molly Gribben, Dunby.

Horses – Warm Up: =1) Samantha McLean, Darco; Amy Murphy, Honey; Kym Murphy, Blue.

60cm Novice: 1) Rosemary Moffett, Borris; 2) Aimee Fleming, Oreo; 3) Amy Murphy, Honey.

70cm Novice: 1) TJ Cubitt, Connie; 2) Emma Hoy, Bounty; 3) Amy Murphy, Honey.

80cm Open: 1) TJ Cubitt, Connie; 2) Aimee Fleming, Jess; 3) Emma Hoy, Bounty.

90cm Open: 1) Samantha McLean, Darco; 2) Lorraine Hyndman, Poppy.


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